Typical Achenbach?

Typical Achenbach?

Dusseldorf. Helge Achenbach’s plans for a sculpture park in Kaarst are concrete. But are they also feasible? Or food for those who want to badmouth their ideas.

 The art advisor Helge Achenbach in a studio (archive picture).

© Oliver Berg
The art advisor Helge Achenbach in a studio (archive picture).

What the “lion’s den” could be for business, Helge Achenbach of all people could be for art: a start-up helper for start-ups. His vision of a sculpture park near the Kaarster lakes, equipped by young up-and-coming artists, has something. And one thing has to be left to the former art dealer: he fascinates with his ideas and can put them and himself in the limelight. He even takes advantage of the fact that he was convicted of fraud and had to be detained. He speaks of purification, reparation, is humble and grounded. Get out at six in the morning to feed the sheep, then be there for art and artists in need. Achenbach knows how to tell his story and let us forget what he was like before the scandal: completely different. Some will resent him and try to talk badly about what is good in itself: the idea, already underlaid with plan sketches and probably accompanied by well-known curators. What remains to be checked is: what is vision? What is feasible What is typical Achenbach? With his “Park of the Senses”, the art sponsor literally went to the lion’s den. Hopefully it won’t be eaten.

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