U.S luxury shops looted

U.S luxury shops looted

Citizens loot luxury stores in Chicago, USA.

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Citizens loot luxury stores in Chicago, USA.

Citizens loot luxury stores in Chicago, USA. Police detained more than 100 people.

Violence and protests in the USA are increasing day by day. In the city of Chicago, Illinois, police opened fire as police teams went to Englewood Neighborhood at 2:30 am on Sunday to detain a person. While the police officers who responded to the fire wounded one person, the injured person was taken to the hospital. After the clash, hundreds of people took to the streets after the police allegedly shot and killed a child. Demonstrators broke the windows of luxury stores in the Magnificent Mile, known as the city’s shopping district, and looted them. In some areas, fire was opened on the demonstrators. After the events escalated, many teams were dispatched to the region.

Chicago Police Department Spokesperson David Brown said the events started after midnight. Brown explained that more than 100 people were detained due to looting, irregular behavior and different crimes, and added that 13 officers were injured.



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