US President Trump excludes media at party convention

US President Trump excludes media at party convention

Consequences of the Corona crisis: Instead of 2550, only 336 Republicans are to elect Trump as a presidential candidate. The media must also stay outside.

US-Präsident Donald Trump.

© Photo: Patrick Semansky / AP / dpa
US-Präsident Donald Trump.

US-Präsident Donald Trump wants to exclude media representatives from the party rally, which is to officially elect him as the Republican candidate for the presidential election on November 3. The reason is the coronavirus crisis, reported the “Arkansas Democrat Gazette”, CNN and other US media, citing spokespersons for the Saturday night (local time) nomination party convention.

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The vote is scheduled for August 24 in Charlotte, North Carolina and will be broadcast online, according to CNN. Trump will not give an official address in Charlotte. According to the “Arkansas Democrat Gazette”, Trump will only accept his nomination in a speech on August 27, the circumstances of which have not yet been clarified.

“In view of the health restrictions and restrictions that apply in the state of North Carolina, we plan that the (party) work in Charlotte will not be accessible to the press from Friday, August 21, to Monday, August 24,” said a spokeswoman of the nomination party congress to NBC.

White House Correspondent Zeke Miller, president of the White House Correspondents Association, criticized Saturday’s planned exclusion of the press on Twitter’s short message service: “This is an unwise decision that the Republican Party should rethink.” “Concerns the American population to a large extent”.

Miller later wrote, citing a party representative on Twitter, that the decision by the Republicans was not final and that ways of reporting were being sought.

The party convention had already been moved to Florida because of the corona pandemic. Because of the risk of infection, the Republicans also reduced the number of delegates from 2550 to 336. The Democrats who want to put former Vice President Joe Biden on the shieldproceed similarly. They postponed their nomination convention in Milwaukee by a good month because of the corona pandemic. According to the New York Times, only 300 delegates and journalists are expected to attend the congress from August 17th to 20th. (dpa, AFP)


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