Vale delivers improvement works in Itabirito and foresees other interventions

Vale delivers improvement works in Itabirito and foresees other interventions

Sports court renovation benefits more than 80 students and school community

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Sports court renovation benefits more than 80 students and school community

A Vale has been coordinating actions to compensate damage to the population in the face of the collapse of dams, like what happened in Brumadinhoon January 25, 2019, or risky situations for other accidents. In Itabirito, a city almost 60 kilometers from Belo Horizonte, the mining company delivered the renovation works and coverage of the Padre Antônio Cândido Municipal School, old request from the district community of São Gonçalo do Bação, in a set of interventions that also include improvements in Association of Parents and Friends of the Exceptional (APAE), at the Environmental Education Center (CEA) and at the Antônio Toledo Sobrinho Municipal School.

The reforms are part of the Impacted Territories Development Plan, presented by the company, in September 2019, as a measure of compensation for the losses generated after the verification, in October of last year, of the increase in the level of security of Forks dams, part of the Fábrica Mine, in Ouro Preto.

The school’s work benefits 82 students aged between 3 and 12 years, and also includes the school community that uses the place to hold meetings and gatherings on commemorative dates. Among the interventions are: construction of the concrete floor with court demarcations, gutter coverage and installation, fencing installation, beam placement, net, volleyball net, among other accessories. The court is ready and available for students to return to school.

Expecting completion in 2020, the reforms of APAE and the Environmental Education Center, which also begin this month, will include around five thousand people who enjoy the spaces, improving accessibility, security and comfort of the facilities. This is a demand that comes from the government and the association responsible for APAE in the city.

In APAE, transformations group the refurbishment of the kitchen and cafeteria that serves about 190 students. They are students of all ages, many with intellectual and multiple disabilities and autism. Another objective is to serve the workshops already offered and the access and permanence of children and young people with disabilities, since the cafeteria space is also used for culinary workshops.

Painting, air conditioning in the auditorium and library, closing the terrace with masonry and cover, creating a metal walkway with a guardrail to facilitate access to the Center, in addition to roof and electrical overhauls and maintenance of the hydrosanitary network, are part of the works at CEA, a reference institution in the area of ​​environmental education, which gathers, on average, 4,500 students per month.

On School Antônio Toledo Sobrinho, in the Marzagão neighborhood, construction of masonry wall in front of the building and part of the side, construction of two bathrooms, renovation of two bathrooms to be reversed into one, for use by teachers, construction of a kitchen, a new roof for the entire structure, treatment of wall and painting, construction of a covered patio for multipurpose activities, access ramp, in addition to the entire electrical overhaul of the building. The unit has about 60 students, aged between 4 and 12 years.

Among other projects completed in Itabirito, is the silting up of the Itabirito River, and delivery of the revitalization of the court of the Municipal School José Estevam Braga, in Engenheiro Corrêa. Another 15 plans for the city are approved.


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