Vanessa Mai: Honest words about her career: “I’ve lost myself”

Vanessa Mai: Honest words about her career:

Vanessa Mai

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Vanessa Mai

Vanessa Mai (28) brings a young and fresh breeze to German hits. The former enthuses with her songs DSDS-Jury young and old alike. In the VOX show “Schlager is my life”, Vanessa makes it clear: “Schlager has become younger and cooler!” She certainly has one for that contributed in large part. In 2012 the singer started her career in the group “Wolkenfrei”. When it broke up three years later, Vanessa continued as a solo artist – with success!

Vanessa Mai: Only in bra and hot pants: This dance heats up the fans



Besides singing, Vanessa also loves dancing! In the video below you can see how she creates a good atmosphere during a dance interlude only in a bra and hot pants.

Vanessa Mai: She shows her mother-in-law fan: “You look like siblings”



Pop star Vanessa Mai is very ambitious

With the initially unfamiliar situation of being alone on stage, Mai came to terms very quickly and soon stormed the German hit charts. Soon she was allowed to play at big shows like the Schlagerparade in Hamburg. But that wasn’t always easy, as Vanessa admits in “Schlager ist mein Leben”. The singer describes herself as very ambitious and very strict with herself. “I put the greatest pressure on myself,” she makes clear. She became that at some point to doom.

Vanessa seems to get along very well with her mother-in-law Christa. If you click into the video below, you will see a photo of the two, on which they could even pass as siblings.

The ex-DSDS juror almost broke under the pressure to succeed

Vanessa Mai soon discovered for herself that success also has its downsides. “At some point I just couldn’t enjoy it anymore. I got lost and unfortunately I didn’t listen to the people who actually meant well for me. The pressure to succeed almost broke me,” she admits. She was all the more grateful to her husband and manager Andreas Ferber (37) was always there for her. Ferber, who is also the stepson of pop singer Andrea Berg (54) has, according to Mai, put back a lot and went through a lot. But the two are one unbeatable team and after Vanessa broke up with all the negative people in her life, things are now going at least as well as before the crisis.

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