Where is Beirut, Lebanon, the site of the shocking explosion?

Where is Beirut, Lebanon, the site of the shocking explosion?

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This Tuesday a happened explosion in a pyrotechnic warehouse from the city of Beirut, capital and main port center of Lebanon; the number of wounded and dead continues to be counted. But where is it Beirut? Unotv.com Bring for you some data that you may not know about this city, which highlights a economic inequality and social, as in many other parts of the world.

Beirut It is one of the most diverse cities in the entire Middle East and where Christians and Muslims live together, in addition to being the main center political, economic, cultural, educational and financial of Lebanon, country in Asia which shares a border with Israel and Syria, and has access to Mediterranean Sea, the same that separates the on de Europa of the north africa, important commercial access to the region.

  • Since the pandemic of COVID-19 appeared, the millionaires of Lebanon they take shelter in the very select private club, the Faqra, located 1,600 meters above the Mediterranean.
  • The contrast is radical with most the population of Lebanon: half live in the poverty and more than half a million children struggle to survive in the capital alone Beirut.

He collapse of the Lebanese economy has lost 80% of its value to the national currency, the lebanese pound, in some months, and generated serious banking restrictions in the country. That financial crisis has been aggravated by pandemic, all under a torrid heat and an accumulation of garbage in the streets. In FaqraInstead, the streets are paved and lit, and there are tennis courts, walks, horseback riding, 3D cinema, and peace.

Photo: Reuters.

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Photo: Reuters.

Children in Beirut, Lebanon

More than half a million children under Beirut they fight for their survival, in a country in the midst of economic crisis, lamented the non-governmental organization Save The Children. Lebanon has been going through its worst economic and financial crisis in history for months, aggravated by the pandemic coronavirus and marked by the collapse of the National currency, he rising unemployment and the hyperinflation.

  • In Beirut910 thousand people, including 564 thousand children, barely manage to satisfy their most basic needs.
  • Since September, commodity prices have risen 169%, while unemployment has increased 35% in the formal sector and 45% in the informal sector.

Lebanon It houses about 1.5 million Syrian refugees, less than one million of whom are registered with the United Nations (UN), and about 174 thousand Palestinian refugees. In two thirds of households, incomes have decreased since the crisis began, while 20% of Lebanese families and 33% of the syrians have had to skip meals or be hungry for an entire day.


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