“You have to make structural changes, of all kinds”


Piqué was really ashamed

Piqué was really ashamed

Gerard Piqué did not hide the fatal moment that FC Barcelona is going through and showed his face after the painful 2-8 defeat against Bayern Munich.

“It was a horrible game, a terrible feeling, shame is the word,” he told the Movistar Champions League microphones.

“You can’t compete like this, you can’t go to Europe like this, now It is not the first, nor the second, nor the third is very hard and I hope it helps, “Piqué continued in a sincere speech in which he was greatly affected.

He asks for a change of president and offers to leave

Piqué is clear that the problem is at all levels: “The club needs changes. Not in terms of the coach, nor the players, but structurally. The club needs changes of all kinds,” he said.

He did not hesitate to pack his bags if necessary: ​​”I am the first to offer myself if new blood is to come. I am the first to leave it because now we have hit rock bottom,” said the Catalan defender.

“We all have to reflect internally and see what is best for the club,” he said

“In Europe we do not compete and in the League it no longer gives us. You can not mask more,” he said

“End of the cycle? Yes, structural changes must be made,” insisted the Barça center-back


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