80 euros fine if you put the mask in the car like this

80 euros fine if you put the mask in the car like this

The use of the mask is mandatory, both indoors and outdoors, although we can keep a safe distance. It is one of the most effective ways to reduce infections by coronavirus, as long as this protection system fulfills its functions correctly. Therefore, we cannot save them in any way: neither in the car. In addition to undermining our security, they can put us a fine of 80 euros for wearing the mask like this.

Best car masks you can buy

If you go alone in your car or with people who live at the same address, you can go without the mask. However, it will be mandatory when people you do not live with accompany you. In this case, only two people can go for each row of seats and always maintaining the greatest possible distance. Failure to comply with these premises is the reason for an economic fine of 100 euros.

Forget about the rear view mirror

It is not the only sanction related to the mask and the car. Many drivers have acquired a bad habit when they can drive without a mask: hang it on the interior rear-view mirror. At that moment, this protection system becomes a distraction that compromises our attention while we are behind the wheel and, above all, an element that reduces our field of vision.

These are the fines for not wearing a mask in Europe

With the General Traffic Regulations in hand, the Article 19 establishes that as drivers we have the obligation to “maintain the necessary field of vision and constant attention to driving” to guarantee our own safety and that of our companions. If we do not do so, we will be committing a minor infraction that can be punished with a fine of 80 euros.

How to wear the mask in the car

Both surgical and reusable can be save for a short period of time to use them again. Of course, this conservation must be done correctly and the General Council of Nursing explains how we should carry it out.

Is the use of a mask mandatory in the car with the new Madrid regulations?

When we go in the car and the mask is not mandatory, we will have to keep it in a breathable paper bag or envelope. It can never be hung from the rear-view mirror, anywhere in the passenger compartment or in the pocket as it may be contaminated and would lose the protective shield. An airtight plastic bag is also not advisable because moisture is generated and favors the growth of bacteria. Finally, remember that before storing it you have to disinfect your hands hydroalcoholic gel and remove it by the rubber bands. A process that you must repeat when putting it on.


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