A champion gives a “lesson in life” to young people

A champion gives a

A Geneva boxing club invited a WBC world champion on Saturday for a “masterclass”.



“Frankly, I was very happy, Nordine Oubaali is a great champion, I learned a lot of things with him.” Jimmy, 14, a great hope for Geneva boxing, was delighted on Saturday. He attended a training session led by the French, WBC bantamweight world champion since 2019. Oubaali was the guest of the Olympic Boxing Club Geneva (OBC Geneva). About thirty young people, from ten to thirty years old, were able to benefit from his advice. Warm-up, support, blows: the champion distilled his knowledge for two hours.

Nordine Oubaali with the students:

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Nordine Oubaali with the students: “Boxing is a game of chess.”

“His career is exemplary”

“Nordine Oubaali’s career is exemplary,” declares Uy-Liem Douçot, treasurer of the OBC. He was late champion, over 30 years old. This is what we want to convey to young people: nothing happens by chance and work pays off at some point, one way or another. ” Founded at the end of 2017, the club aspires to become a real boxing school, anchored in the district: “The goal is to increase training, continues Uy-Liem Douçot. We hope for a capacity of 150 to 200 members under the age of 18 to have a sufficient detection pole for the elite. We start with children from 3-4 years old. With them, we work on motor skills and coordination to implement the right movements. And then we go up to 18-20 years, the competitors, and adults of course. ”

“A sport of intelligence”

Respect, self-control, work: with her “masterclass”, Nordine Oubaali, who should defend her title in December in Las Vegas, wanted to show young people that “anything is possible, give them the desire to surpass themselves, to persevere and to become champions of life ”:“ I associate boxing with a game of chess, ”he emphasizes. Often we talk about brutality, but it is a sport of intelligence. You have to think before putting blows, you must already not take any and the internal logic of this sport is to touch without being touched. We should not automatically attack, there are times when it is better to defend to counter-attack. ”


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