A majority of Congress demands the end of the blockade to renew the institutions

A majority of Congress demands the end of the blockade to renew the institutions

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Madrid, Sep 27 (EFE) .- A majority of the Congress made up of PSOE, United We Can, ERC, JxCat, PNV, More Country, Compromís, Teruel Existe and Nueva Canaria, which make up 187 seats, demand that the rest of the groups, Immediately, end the blockade and collaborate in the renewal of the main State institutions.

In a joint statement, the nine formations underline that the parliamentary groups that block the renovations incur “serious irresponsibility” and maintain that “no partisan or sectarian interest justifies such behavior that flagrantly contravenes the general interest,” socialist sources have reported. .

The nine formations recall the legal mandate to renew the composition of institutions whose term of office has expired and, specifically, cite the General Council of the Judiciary, the Constitutional Court, the Court of Accounts and the Ombudsman, which have long since exhausted , totally or partially, the period of exercise established in the legal system.

“These are bodies,” says the joint statement, “that exercise a fundamental role for the normalized operation of the rule of law” and the breach of the legal obligation to proceed with their renewal “seriously affects the confidence of citizens in public institutions and deteriorates democratic standards. “

The Constitution and the rest of the current legal system establish “with clarity the inexcusable obligation of the parliamentary groups that make up the Cortes Generales to proceed in a timely manner to the renewal of these basic institutions,” adds the joint text.

For their part, United We can sources have indicated that “the situation of capture of the Judiciary by the PP is unconstitutional and unsustainable, as could be seen – they say – this Friday.”

“It is a very important fact that the absolute majority of the Legislative Power, the only one of the three powers that is directly elected by the citizens, has come together to point out this kidnapping and demand that it be stopped immediately,” they remarked.

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