“A new start for all of us”


The German midfielder scored the first goal of the game in La Gantoise’s victory over Rapid Vienne (2-1) in the third preliminary round of the Champions League.

Cod Niklas

© photonews
Cod Niklas

The German player opened the scoring with a header on Tuesday evening. “It wasn’t my first shot,” Niklas Dorsch said with a laugh after the game. “Last season I also scored with a header in Heidenheim. I knew a good cross would follow when Sven had the ball. And then you have to be in the right place. This morning I played tennis soccer with the Ukrainians it all went way out when I wanted to score with a header. Everyone laughed, because I’m normally a head wedge. It’s good that I can score like that in this important game of the preliminary round of the Champions League, “said the median.

Despite the victory and qualification for the C1 play-offs, La Gantoise is still looking for its usual level. But according to Dorsch, there is a light starting to shine at the bottom of the tunnel. “There are a lot of good players in the Ghent midfielder, but in this system it is easy for me to fit in. As you saw this Tuesday evening, it is another step in the right direction . That’s why I chose Ghent. I want to win every game. Of course we started badly, but it’s a new start for all of us. We can’t wait to move forward “, concluded Niklas Dorsch.


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