A nutritionist’s trick to get rid of the urge to eat in 10 minutes

A nutritionist's trick to get rid of the urge to eat in 10 minutes

A nutritionist's trick to get rid of the urge to eat in 10 minutes

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A nutritionist’s trick to get rid of the urge to eat in 10 minutes

Do you want to snack this afternoon? Don’t fall for it yet! Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist and author has just shared his tips for getting rid of the urge to eat in a few minutes. To be applied without further delay.

The nibbling is the first bad habit to lose if you want to find the line. However. Between the chouquettes brought back by our (adorable) colleague who sit on the desk, the brioches hidden in the cupboard or even the chocolate bars which make us eye in the kitchen… There are many opportunities to snack. Difficult to resist!

Unfortunately, for many of you, it’s boredom pushes to eat. A fatal mistake for your line, for one simple reason: when you’re bored, 90% go to sweet foods! Ultimately, the extra pounds will appear.

What if the urge to snack takes you? Rest assured, there are many solutions to make you want to eat. They can even be effective within 10 minutes. Preview with Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist and author of Se Soigner avec les Mésonutriiments (Ed. Leduc.S).

Bet on a hot drink

Drink a cup of hot water, tea or herbal tea can help you get rid of the feeling of hunger, explains Raphaël Gruman. Hot soothes the urge to snack better than cold water. “In addition, having another taste also helps to calm the craving.” So we prefer an infusion with mint or thyme “, recommends our expert.

In addition, a breathing exercise may also make you want to eat, according to him. “Take 10 deep breaths, blocking the air in your lungs for at least 5 seconds”, describes Raphaël Gruman.

Want to snack? Brush your teeth!

You can also take the initiative to brush your teeth! By bringing another taste to your mouth, toothpaste will also help you.

If the urge to snack comes from boredom, it is advisable to find an occupation in order to think of something else. Read, tidy up, call a member of your family or a friend to check on their news … In short, everything is good to take to escape a food urge.

“With these little techniques, the desire to eat flies away”, guarantees the specialist.

Hunger or just want to eat: how do you know?

Before falling back on a slice of rillettes, ask yourself if it is really hunger that you feel. Most of the time, the urge to snack is more likely to be emotional need. It is within everyone’s reach to determine whether we are hungry, or just an urge to eat.

Hunger is a bodily sensation, sometimes unpleasant characterized by cramps, even a feeling of great emptiness in the stomach. It can even lead to physical weakness, difficulty concentrating, irritability, or low blood sugar.

On the contrary, the urge to eat will simply satisfy an emotional need. The goal will be to find pleasure without real physical need, without bodily sensation. It can occur through an attraction to a food. This sensation can even become an obsession if the urge is not satisfied.


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