A trans reported being discriminated against at the polling station

A trans reported being discriminated against at the polling station

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“Discriminated at the polling station”. It is the report of a trans in Siena who was asked to be placed in a row based on the personal sex indicated by the identity document after being called aloud with the previous name.

The girlfriend, who denounced the episode to Arcigay, also spoke of the “clearly hostile and annoyed attitude” of the president of the polling station. The woman also tried to explain the problems that this attitude can bring to trans people, but claims, the president of the polling station would have replied that “at birth we are born in a certain gender, which is assigned to us and remains unchanged” so we would have refused to take note of the report inviting the couple “to protest with the Ministry”.

“If the circumstances were confirmed – points out Greta Sartarelli, president of the Pansexual Movement Arcigay Siena – we would be faced with an unacceptable transphobic and discriminatory attitude but above all a clear violation of the Consolidated Law on electoral laws which establishes that the seat secretary who refuses to transcribing the protests or reports of a voter in the minutes risks criminal and pecuniary sanctions. We will ask the competent bodies – adds Sartarelli – for a clarification in this regard and we will shed light on what happened, so that the right to vote of trans people in safe conditions is guaranteed ” .


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