a unique super Superfast

a unique super Superfast

The Ferrari Omologata is displayed as the Italian surprise of this fall. Unfortunately, this is a unique copy.

homologated ferrari home

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homologated ferrari home

The Ferrari Omologata is displayed as the Italian surprise of this fall. Unfortunately, this is a unique copy.

Ferrari Homologated (2020) – As usual, for several years, Ferrari gratifies usa unique copy, based on an existing model. In 2020, the 812 Superfast is the technical basis for this elegant one-off named Omologata.

She is probably not the most eccentric of one-off carried out by the Maranello firm, and asserts itself rather as a model of elegance. This is probably the trend that we will remember from the 2020 vintage, at Ferrari, after the launch of the sublime Roma. Based on the 812 Superfast, the designers got rid of superfluous appendages, and ostentatious styling effects, to achieve a silhouette of great purity. Only the front and rear optics, as well as the windshield and the mirrors of the original model are renewed on the Omologata. The centerpiece of this unique example is at the rear of the GT, embodied by the louvered rear window.

On board, the Ferrari Omologata stands out for its electric blue seats, mixing leather and Jean’s fabric, with 4-point racing harnesses. The metal parts of the dashboard and steering wheel are finished with a crackle effect paint, referring to Ferrari engine cam covers. Another effect, way hammered paint, often used in cars such as the 250 LM and 250 GTO, is displayed on the interior door handles and on the center console type F1. Under the hood, the 800 hp V12 of the 812 Superfast seems to be carried over as is. Ferrari makes no mention of any development in this regard.

Commissioned by an informed European customer, whose identity Ferrari is careful not to disclose, the Omologata required a little more than two years of gestation. Just as well kept, the price of this unique copy, which we imagine well over one million euros.

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