all about Geisy Arruda’s swimwear style

all about Geisy Arruda's swimwear style

Just look at the photos of Geisy Arruda to confirm that the model likes comfort and practicality in her looks. In addition to hang gliding bikinis, favorite swimwear trend of the famous, dug and in pieces crochet are frequent bets by influencer in their productions. “I really like crochet bikinis because it is a piece that, in addition to being extremely delicate and sweet, is very sensual. I like a lot of hollow body and pieces that are not common. The question is not whether or not to value the body, but rather get out of the obvious. Curtain bikini I never wear. I like different things, a more daring style, hang gliding, dug … “, she says to Purepeople.

Geisy Arruda details bathing suits

Geisy delivery some beachwear references. “Nothing that is normal pleases me when it comes to beach fashion. I like the unusual, those very gringo things, very pop singer. I like it very much. I don’t like very obvious things that everyone wears. That basic black bikini I I don’t have any. Everything is in some detail in iron, lace, transparency, hanging ribbons, glitter, glitter or fluoride. There’s always some detail that makes it a different bikini. I avoid pieces that everyone has. model that nobody has “, he explains.

Model explains why she doesn’t follow swimwear trends

Geisy isn’t limited to what’s hot in the fashion world. “I don’t look for bikinis by trend. I like different and daring things. That body that few people would have the courage to wear, I like this one because the competition is less. I end up having an exclusive piece. I used one recently in Mato Grosso with white crochet, it was like a gypsy girl, but I asked the girl to change because she wanted a thong. I had to make the measurements because the crochet is usually not a thong. It was a crochet with tiny thong, a thread, for one my request “, he comments.

Bikinis to enhance the bronze of influencer

Geisy likes to value tan and win the long-dreamed bikini mark: “I love being tanned! I feel sexy, attractive, a tanned goddess. But it’s difficult because I live in São Paulo and it’s always cold. I fade very fast … I don’t know how Only if I really get 3, 4 days of sun in the Northeast, with a sea bath, I can hold on a little longer. I do tanning when I think my whiteness is too much. Tanning for me, the bikini mark , it’s a very important weapon of seduction. But I don’t do it for others. I like to look at myself in the mirror, see that little mark and say, “Wow, I’m very hot, very beautiful.” So, I’m more pleased with myself, in my eyes. And it ends up reflecting on people “.

(By Patrícia Dias)

Geisy Arruda likes comfort and practicality in swimwear looks

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Geisy Arruda likes comfort and practicality in swimwear looks


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