America mourns Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Trump: “Formidable woman”. Biden: “Sad news, she was loved.” Hillary: “Never anyone like her”

 America mourns Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Trump:

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And now America mourns the disappearance of its icon liberal, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the legal architect of the struggle for women’s rights and women’s emancipation in the 1970s. Flags at half mast in the White House. “He embodied justice, genius and goodness. His disappearance is an incalculable loss for our democracy and for all those who sacrifice themselves and strive to build a better future for our children” comments the speaker of the Chamber. Nancy Pelosi, which the flags at half mast also ask from Capitol Hill.

The US president, Donald Trump, did not interrupt his meeting in Minnesota when news of the judge’s death broke. Immediately after, he told reporters: “I’m sorry, she was a formidable woman.” “A very sad news, it was loved, was driving the efforts for women’s equality,” she said Joe Biden.

The memory of Hillary Clinton: “She paved the way for many women, including me. There will never be anyone like her. Thanks RGB” is the tweet of the former Secretary of State.

The heart of New York breaks with the death of judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg “is the tweet of condolences of Mario Cuomo. “During his extraordinary career – added the former governor of the State of Ny – he broke the barriers and the letters RBG took on a new meaning, as a rallying cry and inspiration. His legal mind and dedication to justice leave a indelible mark on America “.

“She lived an incredible life with profound consequences. She worked with passion and conviction, inspired many women and offered hope to other cancer survivors”, he paid tribute to her. l’ex advisor di Trump, Kellyanne Conway.

“In its ninth decade it has become an unlikely cultural icon of a much younger generation” is the memory of New York Times.

“An inspiration, a trailblazer” commented the former American president George W. Bush.


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