America slows down its winning inertia; tie against Toluca

 America slows down its winning inertia; tie against Toluca

America and Toluca divide units (Imago7)

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America and Toluca divide units (Imago7)

Red traffic light for America’s hot streak. The Eagles tied to one goal with Toluca, a result that seems to serve the Devils due to the negative inertia with which they reached the Azteca. Although the blue creams improve a little, it is not enough to curdle a good game, because there is no generation of the game, he lacks imbalance and lucidity in attack, he has the ball, but not the roadmap to know what to do with it.

America changed her outfit for the last few weeks, he returned to the line of 4 that he showed in the second half in Puebla, a system that allows him to have more players in attack. The lice gave confidence to Benedetti and Suárez, who had their first game as tournament starters, in the midweek game they were the ones who stirred the team and the helmsman of the Eagles He opted for them in search of more game volume.

Those from Coapa sought to associate with Benedetti, the Colombian floated in the axis of attack, he moved freely seeking to be the one to distribute the ball. Good intentions and in some lapses there was more idea when it came to making plays with better sense than in previous weeks.

Toluca took its precautions, lagging behind toluqueña It is the most punished of the contest and had to take its precautions because in front was the best offensive of the course. America was a little better, and the yellow box found the goal.

He did it in a stopped ball, a free kick that Suárez took, a shot with his left foot that goalkeeper Luis García went over, he rebuilt and rejected with his foot, but left the ball adrift, and Viñas caught it, he charrúa He arrived quickly and pushed her to the bottom without problems at minute 19.

The game became a duel of destruction, both squads prioritized that the ball did not reach their area in danger, because in the rear both have had their mistakes. Toluca took a step forward, approached on the stopped ball, just the way the box under the wings has suffered so much. Eagles.

Sambueza took short for López, the Fingers put the ball in the area, the ball slipped to everyone, reached the second post where the scarlet center-back, Brandon Sartiaguín, he controlled it, dribbled Sebastián Cáceres and shot to beat Ochoa in the small area. The Devils They reacted at 28 ‘.

Emotions were scarce, Toluca had a lot of order without the ball, but America began to fade, there were no longer connections and in the last zone the imbalance or outburst did not appear, although at the end of the first half those from Coapa tried again to arrive in danger, their attempts were not successful.


For the start of the plugin, the Louse had to move the bench. Viñas left due to a discomfort in his left knee, his place was taken by Roger Martínez and the Colombian was barely 9 minutes in the field, because he left with muscle discomfort in his left leg. So Giovani came in, but Herrera’s plan took an unexpected turn.

He searched for America with some medium range shots, but now the goalkeeper García was attentive. Córdova also entered the exchange for González and the Eagles They had all their offensive options on the field to find the goal that would put them ahead.

The spark lacked Eagles. It is presumed that Córdova, Suárez, Giovani, and Benedetti are players who have that share of imbalance, but they could not display it, in part because Toluca made it a priority to avoid the damage, came to Azteca with three defeats on the edge and cutting that bleeding was a fundamental issue, but these players are also far from their best version.

America had the ball, but not the lucidity to know what to do with it. You can’t find that famous game volume referred to by the Louse. America reaches the classics far from a version that can be reliable, the first against Chivas, next week at the Azteca stadium, it will be a duel between two teams that are separated in the general table, but not in what they show on the field they are so far from each other.


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