Andalusian bus drivers rally against a “suppression of services” that the Junta denies

Andalusian bus drivers rally against a

Andalusian bus drivers rally against a

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Andalusian bus drivers rally against a

Bus drivers in different companies in the regular road passenger transport sector in Andalusia are going to mobilize this Thursday before the Ministry of Development for “non-compliance” with public concessions and for the “suppression of services” in certain Andalusian towns. The Board denies the mayor and assures that “no service has been suppressed and there is no neglected population,” detailing sources from the department led by the counselor Marifrán Carazo that the supply of road transport services in Andalusia is 66% and the demand is 45%.

They were delegates and activists of the General Confederation of Labor in Andalusia (CGT-A), meeting a few weeks ago, who agreed to adopt various measures in the face of “the situation suffered by the workforce”, considering “totally unacceptable” that from the Junta Andalusia “companies are being allowed to keep a multitude of ticket sales and customer service lockers closed and which are carrying out a multitude of expeditions less than those that were carried out on March 13 before the alarm decree.” By contrast, sources from the CGT say, the Andalusian Government “rewards companies with 17.5 million euros. Indeed, Parliament validated last September 9 Decree Law 22/2020, with the votes of PP, Ciudadanos and VOX, which It allows to advance the extraordinary aid to the concessionaires of the transport of passengers by road affected by the losses suffered during the state of alarm.

CGT considers that the aforementioned “suppression of” bus “services not only entails the reduction of frequencies but in many cases it supposes the total elimination of the only public transport service that was provided in hundreds of Andalusian towns”, something that the Ministry denies . “The supply of road transport services in Andalusia is 66% and the demand is 45%, so extra services of approximately 20% are offered, encompassing metropolitan and interurban services”, indicate the sources of the Ministry to respect.

In this initiative they are not being supported by the majority union in the sector, UGT, which ensures that they are “negotiating with companies and the administration, so that security measures between travelers / users are respected, which is why this causes an increase in days of workers, services and lines “.

The workers’ organization, on the other hand, is organizing “local actions in municipalities that have lost bus service or have seen it greatly diminished, forcing citizens to make use of private vehicles” based on “destructive policies of public transport in rural areas by companies and their allied counselor “. As detailed, the Antequera region has a bus “every other day”, or in Jaén the service from Villacarrillo to Castellar is “deactivated”. Cañete La Real, in Malaga, is “without a bus”, as well as the population centers of Montizón (Aldehermosa and Venta Los Santos). Pinos Puente (Granada) presents a service “at 70%”, or Bérchules (Granada), which “has missed the bus five days a week”, according to the examples where CGT appreciates a deficit in bus services.

The Board maintains that “there is no unattended municipality and no service has been eliminated.” “They are the same as before the pandemic”, they add, indicating that two advertising campaigns have already been launched “to encourage the use of the bus in Andalusia and recover demand” since “the situation produced by the pandemic has meant that there is no so many movements (telecommuting, more unemployment, online classes …) “, as the Ministry argues, which” is constantly adapting supply to demand “.

Regarding the anticipated aid to the sector, the Board considers that “it is being fundamental for the maintenance of jobs in a sector that generates 10,000 direct jobs and as many indirect jobs in Andalusia, as well as the services themselves, key to the communication of the large and small municipalities “. Apart from that, the General Directorate of Mobility has prepared a new map of bus service concessions, since most of them have expired (118 out of 122). The new concessions, which will be tendered as soon as the demand that has been affected by the pandemic stabilizesAccording to the Board, they will apply logical criteria that meet the real demand and the new geographical reality and population distribution of Andalusia “, considering that the new concession map” is an opportunity to modernize the fleet, with accessibility measures and technological improvement , as well as the incorporation of vehicles that use alternative energies “.


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