Angela Aguilar’s most Mexican dresses

Angela Aguilar's most Mexican dresses

mexican dresses

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mexican dresses

Ángela Aguilar and her dresses in which she carries the name of Mexico

Since was very young Angela Aguilar has carried Mexico with pride. In every song she has tried to keep this name high. Now she is one of the most famous that are breaking the internet and social networks. Angela is part of one of the dynasties most important of regional mexican.

For many it is all one influence since with his style of dress he marks trends. But in this fashion that you use seeks to highlight the Mexican culture and in each dress that she uses in her presentations she wears a little piece of Mexico.

Those responsible for these designs stand out your mom Aneliz Aguilar and her grandmother Wild flower, but also depending on the design they are helped by other experts in textiles. In each of these dresses it has an element that highlights some part of the country.

Among the first we can see national representative figures such as the Leles dolls.

In much of her dresses we see flores, most tend to be princess cut and with corset. But in this one he shows Eagle symbol of our flag.

He has also risked using dresses at the knee with boots, these being representative of the north from the country. One of these dresses short wearing boots, was inspired by the look of Frida Kahlo and another of his changing rooms had a sugar skull that glowed with black light. This type of dresses used to be worn in the jaripeos who sang alongside his father and brother.

As it has grown Angela Aguilaras well as his musical career has not lost this desire to have Mexico with her. In her other dresses we can see the ones she used for Grammys, and in their presentations. Yes the embroidery, and the flores they are items that you always carry. We can highlight that one of these dresses is worn by her wrist.

Other very Mexican styles

Other dresses that she also uses have very mexicans, one reminds us of the talaveras of Puebla and two others are made with screen of paliacates Y manta

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