Anna Paula Guerra shares her great passion

Anna Paula Guerra shares her great passion

Anna Paula Guerra / PHOTOS: COURTESY

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Anna Paula Guerra / PHOTOS: COURTESY

Photography always caught the attention of Anna Paula, but she always saw it as a hobby until one summer in which he found the perfect way to develop this hobby. “Since I was a child I have liked photography, however, it was until 2015 on a trip that I made to Africa in which I combined my two passions, both photography and animals, where I really realized I had potential. Later, last summer, I went to do a course at the New York ICP, where I was polishing details and learning new techniques ”, he recalled.

Remember that it was in 2011 when he acquired his first camera, a Canon camera, which he used mainly to capture memories of his day to day, something that prevails to date in his photography style.

“My job as a photographer is to try to share the world with people from my perspective, although in the same way I try to leave it to the interpretation that each person wants to give to photography. Of course, there are times when the background of the photo, whether due to the event or the occasion, explains itself as a wedding or a concert, but naturally I try to inject a creative facet to each photograph, ”he explained.

Although he already opened his own photography page called apgv.photoAnna Pau knows that she still has a long way to go, convinced that this is her passion in life. “What I’m looking for is improve and polish my technique, I still have a world to learn and perfect details.

“More than inspiration, in my case the photo is about knowing how to educate the eye, being attentive to landscapes or everyday situations worthy of an interpretation”.

In the medium or long term I would like to be able to travel exclusively to document experiences and constantly continue to learn a little more each time from the place where I have to visit ”, he said.

The past months were quite challenging due to the confinement by Covid-19, but managed to adapt and exploit his creative side to the fullest. “I learned that it is not always necessary to leave home in order to do a project. I also learned to work more austerely and I think that stimulates my creativity a bit ”, he assured.

Among his favorite photographers he mentioned Paul Nicklen. “Works for National Geographic and I like that he uses his work to inform people about different animals, the environment and how our actions affect their nature, unfortunately almost always for the worse.

He also admires and closely follows the work of Greg Williams. “I think your photography is in great shape, but much better background. I like how you capture photos in more precise moments and just by looking at the photo you realize that it is telling you a story ”.

“In five years I see myself telling my own story through photographs, hoping to inspire people.”


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