arm wrestling in sight

arm wrestling in sight

The inter-union cartel rejected the proposals of the Geneva Council of State, which wants a reduction in wages for four years. The unions will define “adequate means of struggle”.


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A “totally unacceptable” project, measures which fall under “provocation”: the clash seems inevitable between the Geneva officials and the Executive. In its newsletter on Tuesday, the Inter-union Cartel indicates that the Council of State has confirmed to it the saving measures planned to balance the cantonal budget by 2024, including the press echoed.

The pay of some 50,000 civil servants would be reduced by 1.92% for four years. No salary indexation would take place before 2024 and salary increases would be frozen every other year. In addition, says the umbrella organization of the public and parapublic service unions, the Council of State has announced measures to reduce the share paid by the employer for the State Provident Fund (CPEG). “This is how an additional annual amount of 70 million francs could be charged to state personnel,” worries the Cartel. In return for the efforts requested, the Council of State offers a week of unpaid leave.

“Impassable and a decoy”

“Impracticable and a lure”, denounces the umbrella organization: “The services are overloaded and in many of these, it is already impossible to recover the plethora of overtime accumulated in recent months and years because the workforce is lacking.”

“The staff do not want to pay for the additional costs linked to Covid-19, as well as for the reduction in tax revenues due to the RFFA project which, according to previous statements by the same Council of State, could be perfectly assumed by the State” , continues the Cartel. The latter recalls that the public service staff worked “tirelessly” during the crisis and adds that “in other cantons, the employer has valued the intense work of the public services by sometimes granting” Covid bonuses “.

The umbrella waits for the Council of State to review its copy of the 2021 budget and announces that it will “mobilize all staff in order to react vigorously to these measures which are provocative.” An assembly of delegates is scheduled on September 29 “to decide and initiate adequate means of struggle.” The 2021 draft budget will be presented to the Grand Council on September 17.


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