“At the moment we don’t have this physical closeness”


Motsi Mabuse

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Motsi Mabuse

At “Let’s Dance“is Motsi Mabuse (39) have become indispensable. At the side of their colleagues Jorge gonzalez (53) and Joachim Llambi (56) the professional dancer has been an entertaining and competent juror since 2007.

In the dance show she is always dressed smartly and stylishly. In the video above we see her in a dream made of pink feathers and it takes our breath away.

Motsi Mabuse became a mother in 2018

Motsi Mabuse: Reading hour with mom – new pictures of her cute daughter



The native South African has been married to the Ukrainian Evgenij Voznyuk since 2017, a year later their daughter was born. In the interview with “t-online” she became pensive and it was also about the situation of children at the moment.

Reading lesson with mom. In the following video there are new pictures of Motsi with her cute daughter.

“Let’s Dance” judge: Sad that the in-laws cannot enter

“Let’s Dance” star Motsi Mabuse: Rare shot: She shows us her beautiful sisters



Because like for all other people in the world it was for Motsi Corona a turning point in life. When asked what she was missing in the Corona crisis, she said: “I am sad that my in-laws cannot enter. They are from Ukraine. My parents are from South Africa and my sister is in London. She’s doing one there TV show. At the moment we don’t have the physical closeness that we usually have. ”

“Let’s Dance” star Motsi Mabuse: A dream made of pink feathers – this dress takes our breath away



Motsi Mabuse: Children are psychologically stressed

The pandemic is not easy for children either. Mabuse said: “What worries me a lot when we talk about children is that many don’t worry about the psyche. I work very, very much with children in my dance school . We noticed that they are under a lot of psychological stress. They are reaching their limits. ” Of course, business has to continue, but then the children have to go back to school.

About the differences between her childhood and that of her daughter, she said: “I grew up in South Africa at a time when it was very busy. My daughter has this calm.”

Nobody will doubt that she wants to make it as beautiful as possible for her daughter.

Rare photo: Motsi shows us her beautiful sisters, as you can see here.

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