Berlin Delivery Hero investors announce new 100 million fund

Berlin Delivery Hero investors announce new 100 million fund

Berlin Delivery Hero investors announce new 100 million fund

Berlin Delivery Hero investors announce new 100 million fund

The two Point Nine partners Christoph Janz and Pawel Chudzinski have already made over 140 investments. Now they are planning a further fund of 100 million euros.

Delivery Hero, Clio or Fyber – their success stories always lead back to an investment by the two Berlin venture capitalists who have developed their very own way of investing. Investments are not made in existing companies, but Janz and Chudzinski specialize in reed financing in the software sector. You put money into products that have yet to be created. Now both quit opposite the Handelsblatt another fund over 100 million euros. Here, too, the focus should be on software. “It’s always about how software can simplify, accelerate and automate work,” Chudzinksi told the newspaper.

For Janz and Chudzinski, the software-as-a-service area is becoming more and more important. The B2B area is growing steadily, while in the past the focus was primarily on the end consumer. It is also important that founders who build something technical for industry position themselves from the outset in such a way that they have international relevance. The investors therefore also have an eye on the global market and are not only concentrating on startups from Germany.

The German market is becoming more attractive

But the European and especially the German market are developing in a direction that Janz and Chudzinski like. For a long time Germany and France were considered difficult SaaS markets, but that is gradually changing. More and more startups in Europe are building industry solutions. “Software and marketplaces are now emerging in industries in which the European economy is strong, in some cases with overlaps with German medium-sized companies,” said Janz.

With the new 100 million fund, Point Nine is also positioning itself internationally. In addition to Janz and Chudzinski, who was born in Poland, the Frenchman Louis Coppey and the Portuguese Ricardo Sequerra Amram join the investor team. The two help decide on investments of 500,000 to 2.5 million euros. Janz hopes that Point Nine can better connect with founders across Europe thanks to the different experiences, languages ​​and cultures of those involved.

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