Billionaire Bloomberg sends $ 6 million in favor of Biden in Florida

Billionaire Bloomberg sends $ 6 million in favor of Biden in Florida

(Archive) New York billionaire and former mayor Michael Bloomberg

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(Archive) New York billionaire and former mayor Michael Bloomberg

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg sent six million dollars to Florida to help Democratic Joe Biden’s campaign win the Hispanic vote, a constituency that is inclined to President Donald Trump in this state, thanks to the support of Cuban Americans.

These funds are part of the $ 100 million that the former New York mayor announced 10 days ago that he would spend in Florida in favor of the Biden campaign, in this crucial state for the November 3 elections, the Priorities USA political committee said.

“Trump has fostered division in our country, including through his relentless attacks on the Latin community,” said Bloomberg. “But in November, Hispanic voters will play a key role in the elections.”

The announcement comes a day after Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody ordered the investigation into the legality of Bloomberg’s efforts to help ex-convicts vote.

Bloomberg raised $ 20 million to pay the fines and court fees of citizens who have served prison terms but who cannot register to vote because they still owe debts to the state, according to the Florida Coalition for the Restoration of Rights (FRRC) ) on Tuesday.

This law, which imposes the need to pay debts in order to vote, restricts the vote of nearly 800,000 ex-convicts in Florida and disproportionately affects African-Americans and Hispanics.

The law was signed last year by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, a Trump ally, and validated two weeks ago by an appeals court in which Cuban-American judge Barbara Lagoa, the president’s pre-candidate for the Supreme Court, ruled in favor .

In a state where every vote counts (results are always determined by minimal differences, including less than 1 percentage point), Bloomberg’s money to pay fines for ex-convicts can provoke a flood of new voters.

On Wednesday, local media reported that Attorney General Moody ordered the investigation into Bloomberg’s “possible violation of electoral laws” by participating in this fundraiser, in which several artists, athletes and organizations across the country also donated.

Most projections show that Trump needs to win in Florida to stay in the White House. The state holds 29 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win.



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