Bolsonaro to rebut criticism in UN General Assembly speech

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BRASÍLIA – Pressured by international organizations for record burning in the Amazon and no Pantanal, the president Jair Bolsonaro will use the opening speech in the debates of 75th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), tomorrow, 22, to counter criticism that the Brazilian government remains inert on the environmental issue. Bolsonaro, once again, must affirm that there is a persecution against Brazil.

In his speech, the president will also argue in favor of his government’s action in tackling covid-19, which adopted guidelines contrary to the recommendations of health authorities. Bolsonaro has repeated that the country, which records more than 136,000 deaths from the disease, was one of those that best faced the crisis.

Bolsonaro’s second participation in the convention will take place virtual mode because of the new coronavirus pandemic. Speech is surrounded by expectation after a debut last year, considered aggressive.

After adjustments requested by the president, the speech was recorded last Wednesday, and sent the following day to the organization of the General Assembly. THE Estadão had access to a preliminary text with guidelines for Bolsonaro’s pronouncement.

In an attempt to demonstrate that he is not indifferent to the environmental issue, the Brazilian leader must mention that he himself appointed the vice president Hamilton Mourao to be ahead of the National Council of the Amazon, citing “mobilization of resources to control deforestation, combat illegal activities and organized crime in the Amazon”.

Bolsonaro must also claim that Brazil has advanced in the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda of the UN. In the speech, it should be emphasized that environmental preservation must go hand in hand with economic development.


The president is expected to cite that the government has worked to attract financing for projects in the forest for the benefit of the 20 million people living in the region. Bolsonaro must also emphasize the farming company, which exports to more than 180 countries, and asking for an end to trade barriers. In the base text, the president argues that removing barriers is necessary to feed billions of people without adequate food.

THE deforestation record in the Amazon has directly affected agribusiness. As revealed by Estadão, last week, a unprecedented coalition formed by 230 organizations and companies linked to the areas of the environment and agribusiness, it sent a set of six proposals to the federal government to stop deforestation that destroys the Amazon.


In the UN speech, Bolsonaro should state that he has made efforts to save lives without ignoring social and economic costs. In the text prepared to guide Bolsonaro’s speech, there is a suggestion that the Brazilian president express his condolences to the families affected by the disease and thank the efforts of health professionals. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Bolsonaro has rarely mentioned the victims of the coronavirus. The theme, for example, was ignored in its September 7 pronouncement.


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