Carolina is unmasked during a party in “Totalmente Demais” (9/12)

Carolina is unmasked during a party in “Totalmente Demais” (9/12)

Carolina in “Totally Too Much”

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Carolina in “Totally Too Much”

Carolina (Juliana Paes) ‘s life will become a real hell in the final stretch of the soap opera “Totalmente Demais”. In addition to being devastated to discover that she cannot get pregnant, the journalist will be unmasked by the leak of photos of Eliza (Marina Ruy Barbosa), doped, in bed with Rafael (Daniel Rocha) during a magazine party.

Arthur (Fábio Assunção) and Leila (Carla Salle) manage to project the screen of the emails sent by the editor in chief to Lorena (Adriana Birolli) on a big screen and, with the proof in hand, the model decides to open a lawsuit.

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Unfairly dismissed on charges of leaking Eliza’s photos, Leila assures Carolina that she will prove she was to blame. In conversation with Rafael, the producer manages to make the boy reveal that Carol doped the redhead to take the photos implying that the two were together.

The college student then asks Jamaica (Gabriel Reif) to convince Lu (Julianne Trevisol) to take the boss’s cell phone, in order to obtain proof of sending the photos to Lorena. When he learns of this, Arthur then decides to unmask his ex-lover in style, during the party of Totalmente Demais magazine. But the plan almost goes down the drain when Lu is spotted by Pietro (Marat Descartes) when he’s messing with the publisher’s purse, but manages to disguise it, and he doesn’t suspect.

In the sequence, the blonde saves Carolina’s email sending screen, and gets proof that she was responsible for the leak that will have ended the model’s relationship with the businessman. To get revenge, Arthur agrees with Jamaica that he project the image of Carolina’s email on the party screen.

In front of everyone, the journalist is unmasked in front of everyone. Back in the newsroom, she is faced with Hugo (Oran Figueiredo) and imagines that she will be fired.

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