Carplay, Android Auto or your car’s system, which one do you prefer?

Carplay, Android Auto or your car's system, which one do you prefer?

Starter motor: Carplay, Android Auto or the system of your car, which one do you prefer?

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Starter motor: Carplay, Android Auto or the system of your car, which one do you prefer?

Is a reality: no one wants to buy a car today that doesn’t have a screen for the entertainment system. In fact, finding one that doesn’t have it won’t be that simple, even at the base of the price pyramid. Despite this requirement, the general consumer – not only in Mexico – is not in the habit of trying this screen and assumes that having it is enough. But having a screen does not mean that we are going to be happy with it. Wow, in fact in many cases we don’t even know how it works. In others, knowing and using it can represent a danger due to the bad design of the system. In others, the intention to make it look good, to appear more technologically more advanced, can generate just what is not wanted: to distract the driver.

There are basically four ways to interact with the Infotainment system of our car: by touch screen, by voice, by gestures or through a central control. Neither is obviously perfect. Voice command systems continue to be perfected, but it still happens that you ask him to dial Juan Pérez and he answers: “Dialing Pedro Sánchez.” And I don’t know if it happens to many, but in my case I feel like an idiot talking to a car.

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The gestures are still recent. BMW for example uses them and if we want to increase the volume of the stereo, just point at the screen and turn the indicator finger clockwise to increase the volume or vice versa to lower it. For those who speak by gesticulating like me … I’ll understand, it can generate involuntary commands that will cause confusion when you least need it.

It is also BMW’s idea of ​​using a central control, the i-Drive, which involves a coordination between the hand and the eye that should be used only to drive the car, not to interact with the screen. Brands like Mazda adopted the same inadequate system.

Phones and favorites

Common sense indicates that the ideal is the simplest system, easy to see, understand and interact with. Therefore most prefer systems that send information from the phone to the car screen, making this an environment with which they are more familiar. According to a survey done by Consumer Reports with 73 thousand users, the vast majority prefer, in this order: CarPlay, Android Auto and then the car systems. Among those the favorites are those of the American brands, considered simple and that generate fewer distractions. Genesis also received very good reviews. Those of the Acura, Lexus, Honda, Toyota and Infiniti brands were the least favored by users. Mercedes-Benz did not fare well either, although those more accustomed to technology find the star brand’s elaborate MBUX dazzling.

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Tesla is also considered simple, but it has an important complication that is to put all the settings on the screen, even some such as the rear view mirrors or the steering wheel, they are found in some hidden menu on its immense screen.

Another important detail is the difference in the speed of adoption of technology in developed countries compared to others. More complex systems need more widely digitized and accurate maps, which we do not have when we look at the US, Europe or Japan. Seat, for example, already uses Amazon Alexa for its car functions, but ironically even though it is a theoretically Spanish brand, Alexa is only available in English and German.

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Since it is obviously impossible to make a system that works well for everyone, except if we live in Latin America, it is best to take into account how well we get along with your car system when testing a car. information and entertainment, something that can transform living with a car into something more pleasant or a nightmare, including the possibility of serious accidents.

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