Celebrities who don’t want to get married; know the reasons!

 Celebrities who don't want to get married; know the reasons!

Throughout history, the concept of marriage in many cultures it was intertwined with the idea of ​​love and family, so much that much of the world took it for granted that the institution was one of life’s greatest aspirations. Women, in particular, were and still are pressured to find a partner to go up to the altar.

However, in recent years, this “lifelong” bond has proved to be somewhat fickle, fleeting and unlikely to last until death has the chance to separate a couple.

There are even a lot of people who don’t believe in marriage and that includes some celebrities we know! It is that these stars have a different idea about what love should be like and live healthy relationships without the need to formalize unions.

Other celebrities have already been married and realized that it is not something for them. And there are also those who guarantee to be happy alone and do not need a partner to be happy. Bold, modern?

In the gallery, find out why these personalities don’t want to get married.


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