Cesare Battisti will be transferred to Rossano in Calabria, remains in “high security”

Cesare Battisti will be transferred to Rossano in Calabria, remains in

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AGI – Cesare Battisti will be transferred to the Rossano prison (Cosenza), where the “high security” circuit is provided, unlike the Oristano prison where there is no suitable ward. This is what AGI learns. But that of the terrorist of the former group “Armed Proletarians for Communism”, on the run for 37 years before his arrest and arrival in Italy on January 14, 2019, is anything but a victory following the vehement protests of the last days.

Isolation in Oristano

Battisti, in fact, like all those convicted of terrorist offenses, is assigned to the high security penitentiary regime (specifically, the one called “AS2”). And, from the day of his return to Italy, he was confined to the Oristano prison, where – although there is no department for “high security” inmates – he spent the six-month period of isolation provided for by the judicial measures with which he was condemned.

The defense request

On May 18, in consideration of the time elapsed since the crimes for which he was convicted, his defense had filed a request for “declassification”, requesting that Battisti be placed in a lower-level detention circuit (thus passing from “high security” to “Medium security”) and that he was consequently transferred to the Milan-Opera or Rome-Rebibbia prison.

However, on 24 June Battisti’s defense requests were rejected by the Department of the Penitentiary Administration (Dap), with the assent of the National Anti-Mafia and Counter-Terrorism Directorate. So no indulgence for Battisti, who will remain in a “high security” regime and will not be transferred to a prison like Opera in Milan or Rebibbia in Rome, but will be transferred to Rossano, in the province of Cosenza, a place that is certainly difficult to reach.

The transfer, which had already been decided a couple of months ago, has not yet been carried out since, as happens for every inmate in the health emergency phase, the Dap is waiting for a place to be available at the Institute of Cosenza. to pass preventive isolation from Battisti for Covid-19.

The hunger strike

Just today the words of Battisti entrusted in a meeting with his client in the prison of Massima, in Oristano, in which he explained that he felt “kidnapped”. “The kidnapping began in Bolivia and continues today on the island of Sardinia. I am a hostage of the executive and the government and therefore I feel, as well as a political prisoner, a prisoner of a dirty war between the state and the armed struggle and not. “Hence the decision to start, four days ago, the strike of the hunger that could be linked precisely to the refusal to switch to “medium security.” In fact, Battisti, through his lawyer, specified that: “The war of the institutions against me is manifested by an illegitimate isolation and a classification (the regime of high 40-year retroactive surveillance “.


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