Ciao autumn sadness! These jackets spice up your outfit!

 Ciao autumn sadness! These jackets spice up your outfit!

Autumn jackets

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Autumn jackets

The last reprieve that summer gave us is slowly coming to an end. But no reason to be sad! We promise: If you’ve seen the new trends for between-seasons jackets, you won’t miss summer. So, space there, summer wardrobe! Here are the new jacket trends for autumn! We have selected the most beautiful models for you to shop after:

1. Checkered jackets: there’s a lumberjack in everyone!

For men, things are on the decline again. Too often we have seen hipsters in checked shirts who looked like Canadian lumberjacks but were already desperate at the wooden spoon for their latte macchiato. The check pattern is on the rise in women’s fashion! There are no limits: small squares or large boxes, colorful, classic black and white or the typical plaid – whatever you like is allowed!

It is best to combine the trend pattern in connection with blazers, preferably broad-shouldered and oversized. In general, of course, the pattern goes with every cut from blouson to trench coat – a fashionable jack-of-all-trades!

2. Leather jackets: For more rock and roll in autumn!

Leather is THE trend material for autumn and winter. In addition to the often seen leather jacket in biker style, the material also comes in completely new cuts this season. Because leather is not only rocky and sexy – leather can also be elegant! So we now wear blazers, trench coats and A-line coats made of leather. For the very brave among us, it can also be patent leather or colored leather. And before you say leather is like a fur coat: That’s right, but there is also vinyl and deceptively real synthetic leather.

3. Quilted jackets: previously only warm, now also fashionable!

Your wardrobe could do with a bit of French chic? This trend part makes it possible.

Quilted jackets are really old hat now? That’s true, but the new models of the season convince not only with their cozy warmth on cool autumn days, but also with their fashionable elegance. Finally there modern cuts, colors and patterns! These let us quickly forget the dusty image and make us really hot for the quilted look!

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