“Ciao Paris”, the podcast that helps us (finally) to leave the capital


In June 2020, journalist Valérie Bauhain launched the podcast “Ciao Paris”, a program for ex futur.es Parisien.ne.s, which offers testimonials, advice and emotions at a time when the issue of urban exodus does not has never posed so much.

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“Paris, you bet, Paris, that I am leaving you, that I change, of course, of capital”, sang Camille in 2002. A challenge that the artist launched to herself and in song, and that many Parisians have done theirs. Because when it comes to leaving Paris, doubts are never far away. Doubts, Valérie Bauhain has plenty. This 40-year-old journalist has said she has been “blocked” for several years. This is where the “Ciao Paris” podcast was born in June 2020; by dint of looking for testimonies to find the impulse and the courage to leave, the forty-something has decided to use this material and to create a program dedicated to all those who, like her, do not manage to fly.

“At the start, my motivation was purely selfish, I told myself that by launching this podcast and continuing to question people who have left Paris, I would find the keys to leave me too”, she confides to us. Selfish, perhaps, but the result could not be more generous and full of humanity. Listening to Ciao Paris, we discover strong stories, questions, false starts (there are some) and large bowls of air.

This podcast is not militant but it questions Parisian centralism, this fear that we have to be forgotten, to no longer exist and to be irrelevant if we leave the capital

But beyond these inspiring and comforting individual journeys (others have done it, why not me?) A fundamental subject interferes, relating to this Paris where you have to be, where everything happens: “This podcast is not an activist but he questions Parisian centralism, this fear that we have to be forgotten, to no longer exist and to be irrelevant if we leave the capital ”, explains Valérie Bauhain, even if, after confinement, mentalities seem to evolve and moves to be considered, especially as teleworking is normalized. According to the agency ” Paris, I’m leaving you “, Which supports Parisians wishing to settle in the region, 54% of those questioned wanted, in May 2020, to leave” as quickly as possible “. In the same line, a Cadreemploi study tells us that 83% of Parisian executives say they plan to have regional mobility.

Sound illustrations for total immersion

With “Ciao Paris”, it is not a question of haste, but rather of reflection, confidences and immersion. If the testimonies and the eyes of experts remain the basis of the program, the episodes are carpeted with sound bubbles and musical pauses which allow the listener to fully immerse in the story and to visualize, who knows, his own future. Result: a lot of emotions jostle us, because when it comes to deserting Paris, at least to consider it, we sometimes show excitement. In short, a podcast that tells what you want to hear (but not only, and that’s where it’s interesting), which provides concrete advice (changing your city is more complicated than metro station) and a big suitcase of shivers (because this page to turn is not just any one). To put in all the ears concerned.

Podcast «Hello Paris», by Valérie Bauhain A new episode every other Friday The podcast is available on all streaming platforms: Spotify, Apple podcast, Soundcloud etc.

To testify, you can contact “Ciao Paris” at [email protected]


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