Discover 20 medieval cities in Europe with incredible landscapes

Discover 20 medieval cities in Europe with incredible landscapes

Europe offers tourist attractions of great diversity to attract travelers from all over the world. And one of them are the medieval cities. Castles, walls, fortified neighborhoods make up landscapes that take people on a true journey into the past.

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Even in a continent full of historical monuments, natural beauty and beaches, it is impossible not to marvel at the medieval cities of Europe. And that is what the website “European Best Destinations” shows, which helps to publicize the most incredible destinations in the Old Continent.

A report on the website listed 20 medieval cities that are among the most spectacular destinations in the country. France, Croatia, Spain, Germany and Italy are the countries most contemplated with this type of beauty. And because, in general, they are small cities, it is possible to insert them in a long travel itinerary.

San Gimignano, for example, is one of the most famous medieval cities in Europe. It is in the middle of Tuscany, which is one of the beautiful regions of Italy. Cities like Florence, Pisa and Siena are nearby.

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In France, Colmar is one of the symbols of the fairytale beauties of Alsace, the region on the border with Germany. On the other side of the country, it is worth mentioning Saint-Emilion, which receives many visitors thanks to its vineyards. It is in the region that has Bordeaux as the most famous place.

One of those cities on the list is Dubrovnik, Croatia. Bathed by the Adriatic Sea, it has its fortified historic center among the best preserved in Europe. In addition, it is surrounded by a beautiful beach. This composition makes it an easy target for overcrowding.

But besides these, what are the most beautiful medieval cities in Europe? Using the list of “European Best Destinations”, Escolha Viagem made a photo gallery with the chosen ones. Check everything in the images below.

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