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Alzheimer’s, a plant for research: “Forget-me-not”

On the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day, September 21, a study by Italian researchers was published in Sleep Medicine Reviews that demonstrates how obstructive sleep apnea can contribute to cognitive decline for people with dementia and in particular from Alzheimer’s. To help research, the “Forget me not” campaign starts.

Difference between sexes – The research showed that sleep apnea occurs differently and with different impact in the two sexes. “The study of the correlation between the different forms of dementia and sleep disorders in men and women it may lead to a more correct diagnostic, therapeutic and, possibly, preventive approach“, explained one of the neurologists of the AIRALZH network, Dr. Biancamaria Guarnieri, signatory of the study together with some colleagues, including Claudio Liguori and Michelangelo Maestri.

Studies in progress – An AIRALZH researcher, Ilde Peroni, is conducting work to investigate the connections between different sleep disorders and forms of dementia, also through the differences between men and women. The project, developed at the Villa Serena Nursing Home in Città Sant’Angelo (Pescara), uses video polysomnography and tests to analyze sleep and understand its importance in the differential diagnosis between the various types of dementia.

Most affected women – “Given that, to date, men’s access to Sleep Medicine Centers is greater than that of women, there may be a delay in the diagnosis and treatment of this pathology in the female gender, which, consequently, is more exposed to this risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease “, explained Dr. Pieroni who added:” This dementia involves more and is shown to evolve more rapidly in women (about 2/3 thirds of patients are women) “.

Another important result – Thanks to the research promoted by the AIRALZH network, another important result was published in the US journal “Alzheimer’s Dementia: the Journal of Alzheimer’s Association”. The study dispels the common belief that cognitive impairment is a disease present only among the elderly population over 65 and demonstrates, instead, how early onset affects a significant number of people between 30 and 64 years old.

The Coop initiative – On the occasion of 21 September, Coop supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout Italy are promoting the “Forget me not” initiative, putting Erica Calluna’s plants on sale. For each purchase, one euro will be donated to research.

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