Ecuador’s Prosecutor’s Office prosecutes five former military personnel for the 30-S

Ecuador's Prosecutor's Office prosecutes five former military personnel for the 30-S

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The Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office filed charges this Thursday (09/24/2020) against five officers of the Armed Forces on passive duty for an alleged crime of homicide during the events of the 30-S in Ecuador ten years ago, then considered an attempted coup.

The charges were brought against Luis C., Vicente G., Jorge M., Jorge P. and Hegel P., to whom a judge issued the precautionary measure of periodic presentation before the authority and prohibition of leaving the country for his alleged participation in the death of the policeman Froilán Jiménez and the soldiers Darwin Panchi and Jacinto Cortez, during the repression of violent protests by the Police.

What is 30-S? He 30-S is the name by which the riots that occurred in the country on September 30, 2010, when a labor protest by police officers became violent and the Army had to rescue then-President Rafael Correa from a police hospital in Ecuador is known. Quito in the middle of a riot.

“The police protest was produced by the entry into force of the Public Service Law, approved on August 11, 2010. However, the official version of the previous government was that the revolt was an attempted planned coup,” he says a statement from the Prosecutor’s Office.

The facts investigated by the Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office took place in the operation with which the former president was extracted from the National Police Hospital, an action “in which those who are currently accused were at the head of the chain of command for the execution of the same”, in the one that the three uniformed men died.

In this context, according to the statement, Luis C. led the ex-president’s extraction operation, General Hegel P. was the commander of Task Force 4, Brigadier General Jorge P. served as director of Operations for the Command The Joint Armed Forces (COMACO), Vicente G. was commander of the Special Operations Group (GEO) and Mauricio M., commander of the Special Command Group.

The events that day have been reviewed since 2018, when investigation cases were officially opened in the face of successive complaints from police officers who were convicted of serious crimes against the Nation.

The hearing for the formulation of charges was held after the investigation of the case allowed the finding of elements of conviction that make presume the participation of the defendants (as perpetrator or accomplice) in the accused crime.

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