Elections, compact center-right: “Government weakened”

Elections, the postponement hypothesis appears: the anger of the center-right explodes


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The results of the Regionals are clear: in three Regions the center right, in the other three the center left. But the numbers do not explain exactly what happened in these two days of late summer voting. A draw, almost as if it were a football match, cannot be talked about because a result that was in some ways sensational was still recorded. After decades, in fact, the left loses the historic red stronghold of the Marche.

There is, however, more. The numbers al Senate of the Conte government, already considerably reduced, are tapering off even more. In addition to the Regionals and the referendum, it was voted for suppletive for the Veneto 9 single-member constituency of the Senate, in the province of Verona, and in Sardinia 03.

In the first case Luca de carlo, mayor of Calalzo di Cadore and former deputy of Fdi, won with 69.62% of the votes surpassing Matteo Melotti, municipal councilor in Villafranca for the Pd, who stopped at 20.66%, and Emanuele Sterzi of the M5s who it reached 9.72%. In the second, the center-right still wins with the candidate Carlo Doria which reached 40.2%. Lorenzo Costantino Corda (Northern Sardinia list with Lorenzo Corda which included Pd and M5s). And here you have to be careful. If the seat in Veneto was already of the center-right, the Sardinian one was not. Doria enters Parliament in place of the late Vittoria Bogo Deledda, a senator of the M5s who died last March.

Beyond the pain of the disappearance of the pentastellata exponent there is a strictly political fact. With the conquest of the Sardinian seat there is another vote less in the Senate for Conte. This is also why the opposition leaders are claiming victory and at the same time stressing that the executive is weakened by the electoral round.

“Today between winning and losing, the left has lost a region, the center-right has gained one. Maybe things could have been better. It would have been better to win, but on balance the left has lost a region and the center-right has gained one. “, he has declared Antonio Tajani, number two of Fi, guest of Tg4. The same blue exponent explained that “Puglia and Campania saw two candidates who did not win with the party lists, but with dozens of civic lists, which were used to gather leaders and leaders in the South and it is known that that electorate it has to be followed that way. ” In a tweet, Tajani also recalled that “the center-right ruled 3 regions in 2017. In 2020 it governs 15. Now we expect the government to start collaborating with the opposition. Especially for the management of European resources”.

It has substantially similar positions Matteo Salvini“I continue to work. If the government continues to survive it is not Salvini’s fault”. Thus the Northern League secretary speaking to ‘Fourth Republic “replied to those who asked him if the government comes out strengthened by the Regionals.” We are the first party in the country – he said again – I am waiting to be called by Conte “. The Northern League leader added that “if the government continues to survive it is not a problem for Salvini, but for the Italians”.

The former Minister of the Interior who arrived in via Bellerio in Milan to comment on the results of the elections explained that “the center-right is the majority in the country. According to some polls, if one had voted today for the political elections, the center-right would have gone over 50 % of the votes. But we must not sit down on this result “. Salvini stressed that “the League, the center-right and the Sardinian Action Party have snatched that college from the Pd-M5S alliance, so for the numbers of the Senate it is certainly significant. There were two senatorial colleges at the renewal, we won both “.” After the result of these regional elections – concluded Salvini – surely the balance will change in State-Regions Conference. For institutional grace we have waited until now, but it seems clear to me that someone else will have to go and talk to Conte or Gualtieri, given that the presidency is in the hands of the Democratic Party with 15 regions in the center-right “.

Definitely harder Giorgia Meloni. “In a normal nation tomorrow we would go back to the vote”, said the president of Fratelli d’Italia in Ancona, during a press conference next to Francesco Acquaroli, president in pectore of the Marche Region. “Today the Parliament does not reflect the current situation, both quantitatively and qualitatively”, underlined Meloni. reforms he added: “We will continue our battle for presidentialism”. “It certainly seems to me that the national government does not come out strengthened, the Center-right yes”, added the leader of Fdi. For Meloni, today’s results, and the new blow to the M5s, show that in Italy “we are traveling towards a healthy bipolar disorder between two distinct and opposing visions of the world “.


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