ESPN commentator reveals father’s death

ESPN commentator reveals father's death

Vitor Birner is a commentator for ESPN channels (Photo: Reproduction)

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Vitor Birner is a commentator for ESPN channels (Photo: Reproduction)

Commentator Vitor Birner made a sad revelation during the “Pass Line” last Wednesday. The journalist said he lost people close to him during the pandemic, including his father.

Birner commented on the possibility of postponing the match between Palmeiras and Flamengo when he revealed the situation. He further admitted that the death may have been due to Covid-19.

– I lost people close. I lost my father last week, he had Alzheimer’s, I don’t know what it was, it could have been Covid. People lost track. Maybe it will only end if something really bad happens to an athlete. Thank God, everyone is cured – he said.

Vitor also talked about the return of football during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has already killed almost 140 thousand people in Brazil. According to the commentator, this is yet another of the madness of humanity.

– It’s a crazy thing. The human being is capable of producing great crazy things. I will not mention racism, as done with blacks in Africa, brought on ships. From time to time, humanity produces follies that at the time seem normal – he concluded.


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