Facebook launches viewing videos “together”, as in his sofa

Facebook launches viewing videos

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Users of Facebook Watch, the social network’s video service, will now be able to watch programs “together”, with the simultaneous display of a video and the faces of their friends on their smartphone screen.

Facebook announced Monday that the new feature, “Watch Together” will be rolled out everywhere Messenger is available in the coming weeks.

After months of pandemic and social distancing, The Californian group wants to “recreate the experience of watching a movie together”, explains Olivia Grace, product manager for Messenger.

During a video call, users will be able to choose to watch a comedy, fitness or other program available on Facebook Watch. The selected video will be displayed on the screen, next to the participants’ faces, allowing their reaction to be seen simultaneously.

The option will be available for calls made via messaging (up to 8 people) as well as in “Messenger Rooms”, these “virtual rooms” where up to 50 people can meet.

Video uses exploded during the health crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic, and in particular videoconferencing calls, both for work and for social life.

“There are more than 150 million video calls on Messenger and more than 200 million videos sent via Messenger every day,” Facebook said in a statement.

The social media giant added many features in this area during lockdown, including Messenger Rooms.

These virtual pieces are used in particular by artists and content creators to give lectures or give demonstrations, including paid.

With this new option, they will be able to offer their fans to watch their videos and interact with them at the same time.


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