Faced with this Sunday’s ban, TikTok challenges its block in the US

Faced with this Sunday's ban, TikTok challenges its block in the US

The ban on the download of TikTok and WeChat would begin this Sunday, September 20. Photo: AFP / Archive

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The ban on the download of TikTok and WeChat would begin this Sunday, September 20. Photo: AFP / Archive

TikTok, after this Friday it was announced that the downloads of this app, as well as WeChat, will be prohibited as of this Sunday, September 20, decided to challenge this blockade in that country.


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The subsidiary of the Chinese company ByteDance, asked the US justice to repeal the decision to prohibit the download of these applications since next Sunday the download of your application in the United States.

TikTok alleges that block in the EU is for “political reasons”

The government of President Donald Trump attributed its decision to national security reasons but TikTok alleges that “the reasons are political “, according to the action filed Friday night in a Washington court

TikTok also alleges that the prohibition violates the constitutional right to free expression as well as the right to a fair trial, also guaranteed by the US Constitution.

If the ban is upheld, it will destroy “irreversibly”The activity of TikTok in the United States, where that application has 100 million users, according to demand.

In a new step in his confrontation with China, The United States decided on Friday to ban the download of TikTok and also WeChat, a platform that allows you to transmit messages and make purchases and payments, among various services.

  • It should be noted that WeChat is used by 19 million inhabitants from United States.

The measure was taken at a time when ByteDance negotiates to transfer part of its activities to a US firm.

China denounced the “intimidation”Of the United States and in retaliation adopted on Saturday a mechanism that restricts the activities of foreign companies.

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The United States thus fulfills the threat that the president, Donald Trump, imposed against these two Chinese applications, in a context of great tensions between the two economic giants.

“The president leaves until November 12 to resolve the national security issues raised by TikTok. The bans could be lifted if necessary, “added the Department of Commerce.

TikTok, was operating under conditions in the United Statess since the beginning of August.

Trump, who accuses him of spying for the Chinese government, then signed a decree to demand the sale of its US activities by September 20, under penalty of prohibition in the country.

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