Fire near the refugee camp on Samos

Fire near the refugee camp on Samos

The fire in the Moria warehouse on the Greek island of Lesbos made headlines around the world. Late on Tuesday there was a fire on the next Greek island. Fortunately, the consequences are less dramatic.

The fire on Samos was quickly extinguished - here temporary accommodation on the island in February

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The fire on Samos was quickly extinguished – here temporary accommodation on the island in February

On the Greek island of Samos, a fire broke out near the refugee camp there on Tuesday evening. “There is a fire on the edge of the registration center,” said the mayor of Vathy, Giorgos Stantzos, of the German press agency. The fire brigade was able to bring the fire under control after a few hours, as reported by the island’s online portal “Samos Today”. The camp was not in danger, said Stantzos. At first he had expressed concern and feared that the tents of the migrants could catch fire.

Suspected arson The media reported the first arrests: Several men had been arrested by the police on suspicion of arson. It is not yet clear who the men were and what their motives were.

According to the Greek Ministry of Migration, around 4600 migrants live in the Vathy refugee camp on Samos. However, the camp only has space for around 650 people. Two people tested positive for the corona virus in the camp on Tuesday.

The fire broke out above the camp on Tuesday evening and the wind drove it away from the camp and up the mountain. Fortunately, the surrounding fields did not give the flames much food, they said.

Just a few days ago, the Moria refugee camp on the nearby island of Lesbos was almost completely destroyed in a major fire. Around 12,000 migrants were left homeless. According to the Greek government, the fires were set there by migrants to force them to leave the camp and the island.

Is there a “Moria tactic”?

Since then, Greek politicians have warned against the “Moria tactic”, according to which fires could also be started in other refugee camps on the islands of Samos, Chios, Leros and Kos – especially if the people of Lesbos are now brought to the mainland or to Central and Northern Europe would. In view of the burned down camp, the migrants on Lesbos are demanding to be allowed to leave the island immediately. However, most of them have not yet completed their asylum applications. The Greek government insists that migrants go through the normal asylum process have to go through.

Germany takes in more refugees



One thing is now certain: Germany is accepting additional refugees from a total of five Greek islands after the fire in Moria in 1553. These are 408 families with children who have already been recognized as vulnerable in Greece.

However, the CDU Economic Council warned against accepting refugees from Greek camps. “It must never be repeated that Germany is again becoming a center of attraction through repeated false signals and messages,” said Secretary General Wolfgang Steiger to the newspapers of the “Funke Mediengruppe”.

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Video: Chaos after fire in Moria camp – authorities are looking for 35 Covid-19-positive migrants (Euronews)

Chaos after fire in Moria camp – authorities are looking for 35 Covid-19-positive migrants

  • Lesbos: is there a Greek-European solution?
    Lesbos: is there a Greek-European solution?
    They are demanding the help of the EU and do not want to go to the new camp that the Greek government has planned for them on Lesbos: Almost a week after the fires in the Moria refugee camp, migrants demonstrated again on the Greek island. The situation on the island is still chaotic: only around 800 of the people who have become homeless have so far moved into the new camp, which, according to the government, offers space for 5,000 people. Many prefer to sleep on the street because they fear that the new camp will not go any further for them. The Greek government, however, made it clear that only those who are in the new camp can participate in an asylum procedure. The new camp is to be expanded until theoretically all 12,000 migrants from Moria can find space there. EU and Greece: possibly common refugee camps Meanwhile, the EU and Greece have discussed the formation of a new camp under joint leadership, as announced by EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Such a pilot project would be closely tied to the migration pact that the Commission will present in the coming week. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel assured her support for a new reception center on Lesbos. As a state with an EU external border, Greece has already carried a lot of responsibility and must therefore be supported, said Merkel. This support should as far as possible be organized at European level. What contribution is Germany making? The German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer announced on Friday that Germany would take in 100 to 150 young people out of a total of 400 unaccompanied minors who are to be brought from Greece to other European countries. In a second step, they also want to talk to Athens about accepting families with children. The SPD calls for a nationwide initiative to take in significantly more migrants from the burned down Moria camp than planned. “We want Germany to offer a significant proportion of these refugees fast, organized and controlled admission, protection and prospects through a federal admission program,” said a resolution adopted by the SPD party executive in Berlin on Monday. “Just to distribute 400 unaccompanied children to several EU countries and to bring 150 of them to Germany is completely insufficient,” the SPD leadership made clear. Seehofer had already announced on Friday that in addition to up to 150 unaccompanied minors, Germany could also take in families with children from Lesbos – provided the Greek government wanted the and other EU states to participate. Chancellor Angela Merkel wants a decision by the cabinet meeting on Wednesday. Merkel said she was in coordination with Seehofer, according to participants in the CDU presidium meeting in Berlin. The federal government continues to strive for a European solution. According to this information, Merkel is also planning a meeting with mayors from Germany who are campaigning for the reception of refugees. The President of the German District Assembly, Reinhard Sager, spoke out against municipalities going it alone. Admission of refugees is legally the responsibility of the federal government and is not a question that can be decided at local level, Sager emphasized in the newspapers of the Funke media group.


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