Flordelis says she had sex with a pastor on the hood of the car before the crime

Flordelis says she had sex with a pastor on the hood of the car before the crime

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The federal deputy Flordelis (PSD-RJ), said in her first interview after being denounced as the mastermind of the murdered of her own husband, Pastor Anderson do Carmo, who had sex with a pastor on the hood of the car on the night of the crime. She also pleaded not guilty in seeking justice. The statements were made for a report shown in Conexão Repórter, from SBT, in this Monday.

Flordelis went to the family home in Niterói, where the crime took place, together with journalist Roberto Cabrini, and said that she and her husband arrived home around 3 am after strolling on the Copacabana boardwalk and having sex on the hood of the car. , on a deserted street, before returning to the residence.

“We went to Copacabana, walked on the boardwalk, played games, walked on the beach. Then we went to the car, he took a deserted track, I can’t say the location, only if I go there, maybe I can do it, but I didn’t pay attention on the way. I know he arrived at a place that had a lot of cars parked, but there was no bar, nothing like that. We stopped there, dated, which was a normal thing of ours, on the road. He kissed me a lot, I sat on the hood of the car and we had intercourse. I said “love, tomorrow we will wake up early, right?”. That was around 2 am and something, ”he said.

Anderson drove a Honda Accord, not the family’s armored car, which, according to the investigation, had stayed with a son at the pastor’s suggestion. “This is yet another lie that they are talking about me. It was my husband who called my son and asked him to take the sports car to him. Who doesn’t know? Anyone who knows my husband knows very well that he loved going out with the sports car, ”she said.

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Flordelis denied that she adopted Anderson and that he was her adopted son and son-in-law before being her husband. About the messages she exchanged with her children, calling the shepherd a fret, she says she did not write them.

“That does not exist. There is no such thing as ‘scandalizing the name of God’. If I had to break up, I would break up. I would never call my husband a fret. This message was not written by me. Do not know. I want the Justice to find out who wrote it. My cell phone is like a community cell phone at home. Everyone has access to my cell phone. I need to know who killed my husband. I dont know. If I knew, I would speak here now. Whoever killed my husband is disgracing my life. I am not hiding anything, ”he said.

The MP repeatedly denied involvement in the murder of her husband and said she is the victim of an injustice.

“I am living the worst moment of my life. I am not prepared to be arrested, and I will not be. Because I am innocent, and my innocence will be proved. I didn’t kill, I didn’t do what they are accusing me of. I did not do. It is not real, it is not true. It is an injustice ”, he guaranteed.

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