“Fluff Brow”, the hair removal trend that has created a buzz since deconfinement


The eyebrows are enhanced by the trend of “fluff brow”, a hair removal structure that defines the browbone in a deliciously soft and wild way.

Fluff Brow is the successful thick eyebrow hair removal trend since containment.

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Fluff Brow is the successful thick eyebrow hair removal trend since containment.

Just like the hair, the eyebrows are subject to certain fashions. For a long time the trend of thin eyebrows reigned. From now on it is a provided and sophisticated eyebrow arch that is essential. In recent months, the eyebrow has also been guided by a parameter that no one had seen coming: the coronavirus. Wearing the mask made the gaze area all the more important. The rest of the face being camouflaged, the eyes and eyebrows become the main elements of communication. Not to mention that they were left behind during confinement. Those who are used to entrusting their hair removal to expert hands have been forced to wait until the reopening of dedicated salons and institutes. This is how a collateral fashion emerged from this context: the fluff brow, which is a direct result of these weeks spent without hair removal.

Behind this trend are eyebrows ” deliciously full and soft »Reports Glamour UK. The idea is to let the eyebrows grow back and develop naturally. Only hair below the natural brow line is removed. Wild and defined, this is the impetus that guides this eyebrow structure. Theeyebrow appears untamed while being sophisticated.

The natural looking eyebrow

The fluff brow joins the trend of virgin brows. It was Sherrille Riley, eyebrow expert, in charge of those of Meghan Markle, who highlighted the trend. A real ” eyebrow crush »Explained the pro to the magazine. The eyebrows are ” dyed, shaped and sculpted with a subtle efforless touch, creating the illusion of not being touched “. They appear raw and graceful to create an impactful look.

To display sublime virgin brows, all you have to do is bring a very fine eyebrow pencil, so as to draw a semblance of natural hair and then apply an eyebrow gel, in order to add volume and body to the brow bone before setting the everything with a transparent gel, reports the media. The sourced can also undergo a Brow Lamination. This is a kind of permanent for the eyebrows that gives a look to the brushed and fixed finish.

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