“Fluff Brows” are the chic new eyebrow trend this fall


Fluffy, fluffier, fluff brows! This is behind the fabulously beautiful beauty trend for the eyebrows

Model Taylor Hill wears the perfect voluminous eyebrows Getty Images

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Model Taylor Hill wears the perfect voluminous eyebrows Getty Images

In recent years, eyebrows have become a kind of secret star in the beauty world. Even the best makeup doesn’t really come into its own if the brows have been neglected – they define facial features and can have a positive effect on our expression. Provided, of course, that they look well-groomed.

In the coming autumn season, full, almost feathery “fluff brows” are the most popular. The trick is that the brows do not lie one-dimensionally “flat” on the skin, but are given texture and thus appear voluminous and multi-dimensional.

This is how you get the “fluff brow” trend at home

There are two ways to apply makeup to Fluff Brows. Both start with the same step: with the Filling in gapsso that the eyebrow appears fuller overall. The best way to do this is to use an eyebrow pomade in a shade that is similar to your hair color. Alternatively, you can use an eyebrow pencil. Next, the brow is combed through with an eyelash brush (also known as a spoolie) so that the color is beautifully blended and no telltale edges or lines are left behind

Caution: These eyebrow shapes make you look older!

Brow Soap vs. Mikrofaser-Gel

Next up is the most important step. The fixing. So that the fine eyebrow hairs get texture and look like feathers, you can, for example, with a special Brow soap comb upwards. This opens the view and the brow stays in perfect shape all day.

However, special ones look even more natural Eyebrow gels with microfibers. These tiny fibers adhere to the brow hair and thus provide natural looking fullness and definition.


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