for his birthday he makes a great gift to his fans

for his birthday he makes a great gift to his fans

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The singer will publish Zerosettanta Volume Three on September 30th

“My birthday is celebrated like this: with my writing pen still warm and with the microphone on. Since I am never satisfied with receiving my attentions” This is how Renato Zero presents his new project ZEROSETTANTA – VOLUME TRE, the first of the three discs that Renato Zero, 50 million albums sold, has decided to give and treat himself for his birthday. The album is available for pre-order at this link:

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Just a year after Zero Il Folle, and from the special Collection Mille e Uno Zero, Renato Zero is back on the scene with a sensational, unpredictable, unsettling, surprising project, which once again makes the Revolution. Renato delivers forty unpublished songs to the press: a precious box set, a turning point for a unique career, a compendium declined to the future of the Artist who more than any other has overwhelmed the level of music and live performance without ever compromising.

Zerosettanta – Volume Three, the ambitious project by Renato Zero

A journey in three albums that wants to tell about his “noisy years”, but which above all aspires to convey that coherence that has always distinguished Renato Zero. The trilogy follows the thread of the autobiographical narrative, intended not as a mere moment of self-celebration, but identifiable more as a curious gaze always turned to the future, to what will be. Inspired by the delicate historical moment that we are all experiencing, Renato Zero signs three albums that are at the same time extremely personal and extremely transparent, immediate, welcoming.

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“La favola continues” therefore, and starts right from “VOLUME THREE”, out on 30 September. A record in which each song has its own structure, its own meaning. In which there is all the Renato of the beginnings, innovative as always also in the concepts. Moreover Canale 5 will dedicate, on Tuesday 29 September, a first evening event with the Zero Il Folle concert: these will be the images of the sold out concerts held by Renato Zero at the Assago Forum in Milan on 11 and 12 January 2020 just before the ” closure of the world “.

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  • Riccardo Fogli dedicates everyday stories to Alzheimer's patients
    Riccardo Fogli dedicates everyday stories to Alzheimer’s patients
    Rome, 23 Sept. (askanews) – “This song brings with it many sweet memories related to my mom and a daily life that no longer exists. I chose to dedicate it to people with dementia and their families because there are always people behind the disease and it is to them that we must stay close. My embrace goes to them “. Riccardo Fogli, on the occasion of the IX World Month, dedicates to the Alzheimer Italy Federation, to the sick and their families, “Stories of every day”, the song with which he won the Sanremo Festival in 1982. In addition to representing one of his greatest hits, this song also brings to mind the memory of his mother who, while he and Guido Morra wrote the text, took care of them by cooking traditional Tuscan dishes. In the video she recalls how her mother, after an accident, began “a slow moving away, in some moments she was lucid, in others she was not, but she was always the mother”: precisely for this reason, Fogli chose to huddle around people with dementia and especially to those who live alongside them and take care of them. Many studies confirm how important music and singing are for people with dementia so songs are often among the last memories to be kept alive. Even in those who lose all temporal references, music can remain as the only link with the past and with affections. “Music is fundamental in the emotional relationship between the person with dementia and his past, and is one of the therapeutic tools that we at the Alzheimer Italy Federation also use in our groups. Precisely for this reason we are particularly happy and honored that a sensitive and attentive artist how Riccardo Fogli decided to stay by our side by sharing a musical memory that is so precious and personal to him “, comments Gabriella Salvini Porro, president of the Alzheimer Italy Federation.

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  • XF2020, Manuel Agnelli:
    XF2020, Manuel Agnelli: “At this moment talking about music is important”
    Alongside the new entries Emma Marrone and Hell Raton, the new jury of XF2020 sees the return of two judges highly appreciated by the public, Mika and Manuel Agnelli. Manuel’s, in particular, is a return supported by the desire to join a new and different project from what has always been the format of the talent show. Even during the auditions, which we saw in preview, the Afterhours frontman did not hide a bit of cynicism towards the television mechanisms that often clash with musical interests. «I agreed to go back to X Factor because at the moment the music is still and the live one will be for a long time. – Manuel declares at the press conference – At this moment talking about music is important and there is never enough on TV. This year’s project intrigued me perhaps precisely because there is no public and you can do more in-depth. We can talk about music in a less spectacular way ».

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  • Young creator and singer Noa Planas hosts the new TV show 'Super! Music'
    Young creator and singer Noa Planas hosts the new TV show ‘Super! Music’
    New music on Super !, ViacomCBS Networks Italia’s entertainment channel dedicated to children and teenagers. From Friday 11 September, every Friday at 2:10 pm, ‘Super! Music ‘hosted by creator and singer Noa Planas. Visible on digital terrestrial channel 47 and Sky 625, the show offers a Playlist with a selection of music video clips.At the end of the program, fans have the opportunity to see themselves on the small screen while interpreting the theme song for ‘Super! Music’. Just take part in the contest open to all on the official website and give your best as tiktokers teach you to do. And if the broadcast on Friday is missed, the program is rerun even on weekends on Super !.

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