French ‘Muallim’ makes its debut

French 'Muallim' makes its debut

French 'Muallim' makes its debut

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French ‘Muallim’ makes its debut

The press conference of the historical drama “Muallim”, which is about the story of Ali, who was sent to France by the Ottoman for engineering education and returned to his country by alienating his identity, was held yesterday in Portaxe.

Actors of the film Melih Selçuk, Sevtap Özaltun, Ruhi Sarı, Halit Karaata, Yiğit Çelebi, Barış Hayta, Hakan Karaman, Uğur Arslanoğlu, Mustafa Yeşilbudak, Berat Arabacı, Ayaz Gülşen, the director of the film, Muslim Şahin and the producer of the film, Halit Arabacı, the founder of CY Group Media joined

Answering the questions of the press members, the director of the film Müslim Şahin said, “In this film, we focused on the issue of alienation from his identity. ‘What if we brought together people with very different opinions?’ We started from the question. And the French ‘Master’ appeared, ”he said. Stating that he wanted to use real environments rather than the plateau environment, Şahin said, “We shot the majority of the film in Manisa’s Kula district. We found many places together there. It was not easy to do a job outside the city in a pandemic environment. But we completed the film with the devoted efforts of both our actors and our team and the special efforts of our producer. “We plan to show our movies first at festivals and then to be released in theaters.”

French Master makes its debut

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French Master makes its debut


Ruhi Sarı, who gave life to the character of Hasan in the film, “It was a tiring process for us. We worked with a solid team. The film came out of us. Now it is in the hands of our director. Then it will take its place in the vision as entrusted to the audience. I hope the audience welcomes this trust. I think we have finished a challenging adventure with pleasure.” ” said.

Sevtap Özaltun, who portrays the character of Rabia in the film, said, “I am looking forward to the movie. Working during the pandemic process forced us all. We worked peacefully despite everything. I played a very sensitive character who tries to be a remedy for everyone who loves his country and nation.

Melih Selçuk, who will appear in front of the audience with the character of Muallim Ali in the film, told the movie, “My character also loves his homeland, but he loves it from a different point of view. Ma’allim is the story of people who look at the same place even from different angles.”

Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism under the co-production of TRT, the movie ‘MUALLİM’ is planned to be released in November 2020 with a story that will take moviegoers on a time travel.


New movie good news from producer Halit Arabacı:

We will shoot the movie “Yavuz” …

CY Group Media founder Halit Arabacı, who produced a feature film for the first time with the movie “Muallim”, asked “Do you have new projects?” On the question “I am proud to have entered the industry with such a movie. We have projects that we have designed from now on. Our biggest project I can name here is” Yavuz “movie about Yavuz Sultan Selim’s life … I think it will be a job that has never been done before. We are preparing for a big production. We are also in the process of meeting with actors from abroad. We are planning to appear before the audience in 2023 and announced that they will shoot the movie “YAVUZ” …


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