How to make an arranged rum?

How to make an arranged rum?

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Rhum Arrangé is the emblematic drink of Reunion Island. This is a white rum in which fresh or dried fruit, spices and peppers are left to macerate.

We had the chance to participate in a “Rhum Arrangé” workshop run by the brand of Rum Charrette. This brand was born in the very beginning of the 70s thanks to a regrouping of several distilleries. This brand benefits from a very old know-how and produces rums of very high quality.

The secrets to making a success of your Arranged Rum


You will need a glass container to avoid material exchanges. The neck should be large enough to add the fruit. The ideal is to use glass fruit juice bottles or Le Parfait jars, taking care to put a rubber seal.

As with a jam, wash bottles and caps well in hot water with washing up liquid. Rinse and dry all parts well. No need to sterilize bottles or jars.

The rum

You absolutely need an agricultural white rum or a traditional white rum like that of Charrette at 49 ° (to buy in the supermarket). Old or amber rums are not suitable. The alcohol level must be at least equal to 49 °. Lower down, the result may be too watery.

© Supplied per 750 grams


Preferably choose organic products, especially for citrus fruits that are macerated with the skin. The fruits should always be very ripe.

You can add in your Rum:

  • Fresh fruits like citrus, banana, pineapple
  • Spices, such as pepper, vanilla, tonka bean, cinnamon peel, star anise, cardamom, etc. Only condition: always use whole spices and not powder
  • Fresh spices like ginger
  • Dried chilli
  • Dried fruits that will macerate faster


Cane sugar syrup is traditionally added, but you can add sugar or honey or another sweetening ingredient but keeping in mind the balance of flavors, especially if you use a honey with a typical taste.

The rest / maceration time

It depends on the ingredients you put in but is 1 month for rums arranged with citrus fruits, 2 months for macerations based on fresh fruit and 3 months for macerations based on vanilla for example.

Arranged rum can be stored away from light so that the ingredients do not oxidize.

To speed up the maceration, do not hesitate to crush the fruits very lightly with a cocktail masher.

Taste after a month

To check that the rum is not too sour or too bitter. Do not hesitate to remove certain ingredients along the way, such as chilli pepper or citrus fruits if their flavors are already present and to add rum or cane sugar syrup. Before tasting, mix gently so as not to damage the fruit.

Bonus: 2 recipes

Rum Arranged with Ginger : cut 100 g of washed fresh ginger into slices, without peeling it, and pour into a jar or glass bottle of fruit juice. Add a split vanilla pod and 3 cl of cane sugar syrup. Add 750 cl of Charrette white rum at 49 ° and mix. Close tightly then let macerate for 2 months away from light.

Rum arranged with passion fruit : Cut 8 ripe passion fruits in half, collect the flesh and juice with a teaspoon and pour into a jar or glass bottle of fruit juice. Add 3 cl of cane sugar syrup, 75 cl of Charrette white rum at 49 ° and mix. Close tightly then let macerate for 1 month away from light.

Thanks to the Charrette house for all the valuable advice.


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