Huawei says “relentless aggression” from the US has put them under great pressure

Huawei says

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Beijing, Sep 23 (EFE) .- The rotating president of Huawei, Guo Ping, acknowledged this Wednesday that the “incessant aggression” from the US has put the Chinese technology giant under “significant pressure”, so his objective now is to fight for “surviving” and continuing to work with their suppliers to get semiconductors.

“Huawei is in a difficult situation these days. The relentless aggression from the United States has put us under significant pressure,” Guo said at the opening of the annual ‘Huawei Connect’ conference in Shanghai, focusing on information technology and communication. communication.

This is the president’s first public statement since the latest US measure against Huawei came into effect last week.

The US Department of Commerce announced on August 17 that as of September 15, Huawei’s global suppliers that use US technologies in their development or production should first obtain a license from Washington in order to sell to the Chinese company.

Huawei and its suppliers have stockpiled chips and tried to complete deliveries before the deadline, while trying to get approval from Washington.

Guo said today that the company is still “carefully assessing the impacts” and stressed that the “battle to survive” is now its main objective.

The president noted that the company will continue to invest in connectivity, high-performance computing, in the cloud and in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The “synergy” between these fields, key not only for Huawei, but for the sector as a whole, he said.

He also affirmed that they will continue to support all their collaborators in the supply chain who continue to work with the company.

“We will continue to work with our partners to improve their capabilities, ensuring that there are many benefits for them throughout the process and that we can grow together,” he said.

Some US chipmakers such as Intel or AMD announced that they have obtained US approval to supply some products to Huawei, although they did not specify which ones.

Other non-US suppliers have demanded a license from Washington to operate with the Chinese company, but have not yet received a response.

Consumers’ concern that the problems in the supply of chips would affect Huawei’s mobile phones has caused the prices of its terminals to skyrocket considerably in recent weeks in the Chinese market due to strong demand.

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