“I deny the League’s entry into the EPP”

The League prepares the pro-European turn evoked by Giorgetti


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“Excluded, absolutely”. So Matteo Salvini responded to a question about press rumors about an upcoming membership of the League to the group of Ppe, the European People’s Party. “I do not ask for the votes of the Italians to make the kisspile of Merkel or Macron, Italy is second to none”, the leader of the Carroccio told Live Non è la D’Urso on Canale 5. “I asked for the vote of the Italians to change Europe and change it with Merkel? Merkel is in the interest of the Germans, I don’t understand those Italian politicians who are in the interest of the Germans, I want to be in the interest of the Italians “.

Then speaking of the case Suarez, the Northern League leader said: “If one tries to fake the exam must we give citizenship to anyone who comes to Italy? I hope someone pays, because the idea that in some Italian university if you have millions cannot go around the world steps forward, out of respect for the many immigrants who respect the rules, do not seek the shortcut “.

Salvini then spoke of his party colleague Luca Zaia and he said: “For me he is a pride, a friend and an excellent governor. Tomorrow I will have dinner with him. People appreciate his way of working: he has just been re-elected and for 5 years he will be governor of the Veneto”.


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