“I thought I had to die and said goodbye to my children”


Sarah Kulka

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Sarah Kulka

Marital problems, panic attacks, burnout – Sarah Kulka (30) has been struggling with problems for weeks. She feels overwhelmed, but the ex- “GNTM“- and “Jungle camp“- Participant realized that she needed professional help. She went to therapy and shares their thoughts and emotions also on Instagram. That seems to help her and others who are also having or have already lived through these experiences.

Sara Kulka: “First and foremost, children shouldn’t learn anything”



Sara Kulka is often offended with her opinion. In the video below, she says, “First and foremost, children shouldn’t learn anything.”

Sara Kulka talks about her burnout experience

The most recent posting shows the 30-year-old at the water with her back to the camera. A peaceful picture to which she writes thoughtfully: “I still remember the first time my friend told me about her burnout and how she lost control of her body. To be honest, I didn’t want to go into that because I couldn’t believe that there are mental illnesses that cripple the body. And now, three years after the interview, I had to admit to myself that my head has also paralyzed my body so that I can understand how to shift down a gear. “

In vacation paradise, everything just got worse

Sara describes once again how she felt in the weeks before her Thailand vacation at the beginning of the year:I didn’t want to believe it because I had been so miserable for over two weeks, even when I had my first attack I thought I was going to die and said goodbye to my children. Also, I thought, ‘I’m strong, I don’t have anything like that.‘”

In Thailand she finally felt so bad that she had to break off the supposed dream vacation with her children Matilda (&) and Annabell (3). Numbness, tiredness, maybe even a heart attack? Back in Germany, she went to the doctor who could not find any physical cause. But the psyche? “I continued to think, no, I have no stress and yet I can take loads, something is wrong with my body. And so I was still scared to death.

Talks with her girlfriend bring Sara Kulka the breakthrough

Another doctor, who fortunately took her very seriously, assured her: “Only when everything is correct, then we deal with the psyche.“While the test results were still pending, she spoke to a friend.” She helped me to identify my attacks and the causes and only then did my condition improve. “

Talking, says Sara, helped her a lot. Afterwards, she was also able to admit that she “hadn’t dealt with a lot in years …” Hadn’t she kept hearing, “You have nothing to do with the children all day, you have such a beautiful life?” Today she knows: “It was precisely this pressure and these attempts to be strong that unfortunately brought me to my knees.” But it took months to admit it.

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