It highlights the art of the Japanese table

It highlights the art of the Japanese table

Kaito Carasso, founder of the Japanese decoration and design boutique Yugen Lab located at Place De-Grenus, has succeeded in attracting a young clientele while promoting its culture of origin.

Kaito Carasso sells pieces that he selects himself from suppliers in Japan.

Kaito Carasso sells pieces that he selects himself from suppliers in Japan.

Inaugurated last December, the arcade imagined by the 33-year-old Genevan Kaito Carasso had to close its doors just three months after opening. “Fortunately I had the website next door! I increased my online sales by over 60% during this period, which is what allowed me to survive. ” After this period of crisis, the young entrepreneur is happy with the success of the store, especially with young people. “Maybe it’s because this type of product is unusual in Geneva.”

In addition to selling decorative items, Kaito Carasso organizes various events in his establishment. “A store must be dynamic. It goes through the organization of events but also through a significant presence on social networks. It’s essential to reach as many people as possible. ” He does not hesitate, for example, to collaborate with tattoo artists, like Diana Houl, to set up Tattoo Flash Days. “The artists come up with ready-to-tattoo designs that the audience then chooses.”

Kaito Carasso intends to highlight its Japanese culture. “I did all my schooling in Geneva, but I received a Swiss and Japanese education. It was important to me to highlight part of my origins. Japanese culture lacks visibility in Geneva. ” The traditional ceramic pieces selected for Yugen Lab are thus directly chosen from artisans in Japan, in the city of Toki. The entrepreneur visits the suppliers with whom he has chosen to work twice a year.

After his career in business school, Kaito Carasso first worked with his father for a few years before going out on his own as an independent. “I have always dreamed of having my own project. Yugen Lab means mysterious beauty or subtle charm in Japanese. ” Currently, with his two employees, the entrepreneur manages to cover all costs related to the store. For the moment, however, his business does not yet allow him to make a profit. “I’m looking forward to the end of the year, I know that’s when it all comes down to it.”

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