“It keeps everyone in tension” The League nails Azzolina



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From words to deeds. As announced in recent days, today the League presented in the Senate the motion of no confidence, first signatory Matteo Salvini, for the Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, considered the main culprit of the chaos schools.

“The disastrous management of the school of Minister Azzolina is keeping families, students and staff in tension, a minister who has lost many precious months in chat, without providing any certainty about his fate to 8 million students. “This is one of the key passages of the Northern League text presented at the Palazzo Madam.

The document also underlines that “the government has no alibi and the inability of those who represent it now weighs irremediably on the life and education of our children. We need immediate answers, there is no more time and no safe restart of the school does not restart the whole country “. Therefore, “having regard to article 94 of the Constitution and having regard to article 161 of the Regulations,” the League expresses its opinion distrust to the Minister of Education, the Honorable Lucia Azzolina, and commits her to resign “.

According to the Northern League exponents close to the beginning of the school year “there is a climate of exasperating uncertainty on the main aspects of the reopening of schools after the closure due to the Covid-19 emergency”. In this situation, the document still specifies, “families would have expected from the authority that governs the Italian school system an attitude of responsibility, an authoritative and efficient management of the organizational machine, especially given the ample time left since March to plan every aspect concerning the return to the classroom “.

“For months we have been witnessing confused and often contradictory statements by the current Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina – continue the senators of the League – to hypotheses of unrealistic solutions, but above all to an attitude of closure, of stubborn entrenchment on positions that leave no room for no mediation, to the constant confrontation with all categories of the school: give it teachers, ai school leaders, ai trade unions“.

For the senators of the League, the missteps made by the Minister of Education are many. Among these are the “rambling interventions on the media that have displaced school sector operators and parents: from Plexiglas to the purchase of single benches with wheels at an unsustainable cost for the public system; from the use of cinemas, theaters, libraries and B&B as classrooms, removing them from their primary function which is also important, ignoring for ideological reasons the availability of the same structures, the lack of supply of thermoscanners to schools, an aspect of fundamental importance, leaving families, despite the perplexity of infectious diseases, the responsibility of measure the temperature of the children before leaving the house “.

Furthermore, the senators underline the unclear situation regarding the behavior that pupils and their families will have to keep. “It is not known – the text still reads – if the pupils will have to present themselves with the certificate of the daily measurement, who will sign it in the case of parents absent for work reasons, when it would be decidedly easier and safer to take the measurement at the entrance of the Institute; moreover, for the purchase of the individual benches, the inertia of the same Minister led first to the appointment of a commissioner and then to a controversial European tender beyond the deadline “.

The discontent of Italian families, explained in the document presented in the Senate, is also reported by a poll created exclusively for Affaritaliani.it by Roberto Baldassari, general manager of Lab2101 and professor of Opinion and Market Research Strategies at the RomaTre University. Indeed, the research shows that “55.2% of Italians want Minister Azzolina to leave her post immediately”.


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